Undaground Choppers 10 Lyrics

701bonez Lyrics

They thought I was gone but I’ve returned finna give a n***a this G shyt
When I get on the song and it’s my turn, mayne, I’m guaranteed to rip it no secret
When the words drop I’m comin like Bird Box n***a you don’t wanna see Fix
Motherf**kers always doubted me and said I’ll never be shyt
Now I gotta represent it on the UC shyt
Mane they bout to feel the wrath of the devil in the flesh
Better than the best and I been a threat perhaps
I’m at a n***a neck really been a threat when I write a composition mane I’m like one of the best 2 rap
When I mic check 1-2 imma come through god of the UC finna bless the track
Murder my enemies they never could really get rid of me my divinity’s top spot nothing less than that
I Gotta be one of the illest in the South I’m doing it for the loot, you only doing it for clout
You know what I’m bout I’m a get the loot then I’m out
If you try me you prolly end up with my shooters in the house
Hard to count me out I’m a never quit I’m a spitter
For real I pick up the pad and the pen and then I’ll be scribbling venom
Might hit em wit the lyrical skill in a minute on instrumentals shyt I’m a serial syllable killer
You going apesh*t well then I’m McGilla Gorilla spitting it similar to a AR-15
Roll up the bonzai everyday I’m dumb high, get in the booth and you could never say I’m tongue tied
Put my life in the script everything I write is legit put a lotta time in this shyt you only doing it sometimes
Bout to light up and twist it, get on the mic and I'm wicked
I spit it like ammunition that was sent from the front line
Rhyming I gotta shine like a pot of gold roll up the pot I promise I’m chiefing n***a, Geronimo
Me and Omega Sin dropped a project so cop it I promise all of it slapping n***a like Dominoes
And I’m bout to blow like a claymore, need I say more you are rocking wit the UC Vets
Been the truth and I'm truly blessed
N***a, one last time gotta rep for the UCX

Slušam beat, zapišem sve, riječi prate me uz BPM
Tu sam king da se vidi sve, ima da gori cijeli internet
Kruna mi na glavi kada verse bacim verbatim
Na tebi je da me shvatiš, primjeti kako snare kasni
Spazi kako se gazi ritam, mal' si, dodaj si hrani špinat
Kak' si? Sâm usred labirinta
Ni sa tristo hinta nikako nećeš naći izlaz
Svakim novim danom se za glazbu rinta
Nemaš vrijednost da li je Euro, Dolar, Kuna, Forinta
A sad na druge teme da ubrzamo si flow
Uvijek ciljamo do neba, dok lokacija je tlo
Za sve moraš imat para, ali potrebno je zlo
Da bi radio što voliš treba raditi ko konj
Samo ja, ja, idem prvi, idem preko reda
Nema beda, svako samo svoje dupe gleda
Očito da svijetom vlada krema
Koji kurac radimo? Gori nam planeta
Budi kao Greta, kao flota zajedno do boljih dana
Lako je sjedit i pametovat iza ekrana
Nekom fali samo pažnje, a nekome hrana
Ovo je muzika za pobunu, popravi što ne valja

Rocky Balboa:
I said why you doin' this?

Because you can't win, Rock! This guy will kill you to death inside of three rounds!

Rocky Balboa:
You're crazy

What else is new?

Rocky Balboa:
He's just another fighter

No, he ain't just another fighter! This guy is a wrecking machine! And he's hungry! Hell, you ain't been hungry since you won that belt

Rocky Balboa:
What are you talkin' about? I had ten t**le defenses

That was easy

What's changed?
I'm still a motherf**ker that'll run up in your face and bust flames
Never lost my hunger, f**k games
No talent these days, it's just fame
They spit it unpure like cut 'caine
I got a uncut ripgut brain
When I rise up like a cobra, spittin' that venom in your eye, it must sting
Like a 5.0 700 horses
Get ready for the lyrical tons of torture
Where the Devil infected nuns and horror
And you're gonna hear the thunder when I'm done recordin'
Like boom, who the f**k do you think I'm scared of?
I'm a 2,000 pound grizzly bear
Hold the mic like a anaconda
Don't trust these MCs they won't bust like me
Gotta get 'em ready, put 'em all up in a missile to the lightspeed
To rape this track like Spike Lee
in spite, the
Mic in your face, you might get a taste of the Icin', the cake is mine
B*t*h, my mind gets to the hypomanic mode
Then I'm makin' your spine twist
Like a double helix, that's DNA
You wanna f**k with me? Gonna need a face
Packed in your suitcase, 'cause yours is mine
I spit real rap, my word is rhymes
Still wack, heard the track for the 30th time
This new age wack rap autotune can die
'Cause this UC tend to get it crucified
Motherf**ker, so you decide
What the f**k is true

Anybody wanna be the don deh wid the headset
Tellin mi: "i chibber" while em chibber like a redneck
Governor come in gotta be the don deh whe a bada**
Stay upon the comments, never tink you been a bad a**
Tellin mi: "I´m offbeat", but their f**kin posse
Miss any hat/head like a Sleepy Hollow pon tree
Must be. Developin a complex. Mosby
Governor gonna be choppin a head off like Joffrey
Anybody wid em anybody gonna buggin when the governor mi hit em wid the betaparticle and when i get upon the biorythm anybody gonna bite a motherf**ker like iman a metabolism
I generally gi dem manna mi nuh mind a manner man a get upon the ring so any mentor better be wid him
So when i get upon the dance seh di gyal a gonna bounce
But a man a badda uno better babble a riddle
Dem a comin a off key like a metric system
You get upon the governor palace
You better be savage, I mangle a menace
Sumn a dem a jackin em bars deh by the enemy
Dem a nuh bad a**
Rather gonna dead em wid a telekinetic ability
I gonna scatter any motherf**kin brain till em a
Van a go vanish a wagon a damaged
No mi nuh gonna bore dem wid the regular patterns
Uno better get em a xanax
Lil Sprite gonna batter the challenge, Governor metamorphin
To a demogorgon
Man a headless horseman
No mi nuh manipulate man a choppin em all cuz dem fake like ester-orphan
Open a portal a governor a immortal a iman immortal a combat a mortal
A governor a pickin a mic inna a party a venom a kill em a hostel
Dem a nuh even ever coulda tekin a loss, rapin em bars
Breakin a record and makin a pause
Governor gonna breakin em laws
Yu never deh ya pon the riddim but you gonna hate upon a veteran like em a boy a woulda have it
But em wannabe chopper gonna recycle any motherf**kin pattern but a governor a kill em inna Moshpit
Yuh nuh lyricist
Yu a pilar cyst
Wid dem a simplest thought whe dem a jibberish
Rhymin em cereals
Pon em a syllables
Uno been serious?
Governor killed the sh*t
Em Callin mi Picklerick

Skill at rapping never came free so now everybody pay attention
Kicking five guys in the lower leg Is how I'm gonna break the tension
What's a damn I don't give it Imma jam till I'm finished
Not a scam throwin hands for the bands then I'm wit it

I Decimate and leave em desolated or disintegrate em with a Decibel
Decided it would be my destiny to point the 9 up at em like a decimal
Decadence with all the cadence and the way I deck em really isn't ethical
So decomposing or decapitated whatever despacito either way impeccable

One step to find 3D way for me to pull a 4 5
Racing to take basic steps eventually 8 or 9
Greatest ever I'm the one and only get it 1 and 0
And I'm the power symbol in another code so binary digit when it come to flow because it tend to blow

Chopping underground again and y'all had better get elated caught another body when the Damage isn't Mitigated
Stepping to the microphone and leaving it incinerated
Throwing the gauntlet
I'm inevitable try predicting the flow
Moment I write em I'm ready to go fire never the cold
Heat em eat em I'm licking the bowl unbreakadable
Syllable symbiote be the dopest so then why do we debate it

Then you Oughta be dead got you Looking like a Desi when I dotted ya head
Like it or love it ain't nothing above it I be the mortal reminder whenever they went and forgot it again
Cellular device I got hella bars when the techs fly
Flowing like a boss and they wrote it off as a tech n9ne
Digital quality like I'm walking outta Best Buy
That'll be the reason I'm killing it for the tenth time

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