Undaground Choppers 1 Lyrics

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Feeling your blood, straight possess a motherf**ker and they never allowed remedy paramedic for reminiscing and forgetting everybody and I put em over in the trunk and I do it forever

Grabbing bomb and then I shove it to another little loving and another ritual and you will go to heaven when you let'em gain and then they watching everybody finish till they getting ready and give a f**k about it I'ma SEVER

Saying i'm a demon but i'm one with the crows, chopping the top of my lyrical flows
Top of the underground, kill you all thinking i'll bury your body and no one will know
Losing my mind like i'm losing my love and I'm waiting because i'm on medicine not when I pullin' my gun we're gonna take lead then I'm promising you that I'm taking your life
Chopping like a chopper but I keep it undaground
Hang a motherf**ker and on my head popping any n***a I'll put a bullet in anybody thinking that I'm not a killer cause YOU better DO what I do, what I say when I say, And I go to the trunk and pull out the gauge, put the mask on my face, OK hold up
You can have another taste

I'll be riding around the atmosphere, imma sting em with that pitiful venom
Ain't nobody got the wrath and then I put em in a bag amd ne baking em quicker
Hacking and backing and packing f**k it I'm saying to come and get em my venom
Better be coming and breaking all of you have you ever seen em?
I'm sicker and wickeder planning on picking the scene up gotta be hearing that breaking up anybody topping the clip and I'm bringing the chopper I gotta be the one to come on perimeter get up I hit em I'm coming to heat it a syllable when I blow up you better get up if I call get ready for the war, I've seen all the war I sit in it warm I'm sending a body but nobody want ever to come and to get it I feel em I heat em I eat em up, I lost everybody not giving up, I might be crucified like the criminals, nobody wanna call it and give it up
I take it they be watching, but I guess I gotta keep it f**king sicker, then I got me a machete with the vision, when I'm chopping up the bodies it's a lyrical machete
Hit the record but you know I say it faster for the sinners, motherf**kers say that they gon get it must be kidding imma pull up and they're getting the motherf**king lead
I murder but I'm creeping so they f**k up with the pace, with my liquor into place, get the f**k up out my face
With the venom of a snake, it's a way to get you pain, they don't wanna catch a case, so I be doing it with chains
When I wreck em all I said that they gon get it with the murder, I be spitting sh*t you won't believe but I'm the sicker
Imma keep it undefeated while I make it feeling creepy, everybody wanna get it, imma get em with the pain

You gotta be f**kin retarded thinkin your rappin it harder watch out the flames will get hotter brought em all into the slaughter givin em what they wanted doin it only for dollars kick it with Jigga dont dotter sippin a 40 in honor counted my blessings in water
Damn it I did it I got it got up and never to stop it anybody wanna try?
Dawg i'm sick and tired double time wantin mine?
What am I? A North Dakota f**kin souljiah come on get it right
Every single time we do it, do it better than the compet**ion get the rhythm and we gotta keep it moving a lotta people tried to tell me that I really couldn't do it do I really gotta prove it get the milli and start the shootin?
Look i got my boom stick you ain't fit to do sh*t move b*t*h move b*t*h boom f**kin move b*t*h any lie I find i'll irradicate it savagly time to f**kin die i'd suggest you do it pa**ively
Insanity and tragedy and rippin through my sanity handle me or counseling nobody really tellin me
Casualites are clamoring you dont really wanna battle me can it be it has to be my family has abandoned me sad to see but actually it really doesnt bother me
Runnin to my enemies and sleepin where their ashes be, not too many people are gonna get it gettin mad at me cause all of us are f**kin better and your sh*t is sad and weak

Them Undaground Choppers
Choppers gonna get ya
Choppers gonna hit ya
Choppers gonna split ya
Them Undaground Choppers
Choppers gonna get ya
Choppers gonna hit ya
Choppers gonna split ya

Thinkin about the murder with the people finna kill put em in a box f**kin em up then put em up in a field the only way to get it away is if David Copperfield them holdin them for ransom then I better get it a 100mil because the algorithim is definition of me is comparable to an alien label me as a beast
There's so many n***a who thinkin they gonna stop me steppin to my sector you getting verbal karate
Man a maniac'll be stupid, them braniacs be pulling the triggers back when they firing better react quick staring down the barrel I'm givin you n***as hell when I put it to your forehead and makin you do a backflip
Never heard of me because i've been here in the undaground lay you n***as down with the flow f**k it I should probably get a crown with the flow chop it up and I'm quicker when I send the pound with the flow
Theres a lotta n***as in my city who thinkin they f**kin with me what a pity damn I'm quicker and faster then everybody come and suck it when I go crazy I go up on the flow I spit it like I rip em I'm tearing em a new hole
Critical intrical lyrical master tangling your cerebellum I'm about to go faster
Hurricane, Choppa Clique into the chapter laughin at a n***a when he bout to get the rapture

Let me give a little bit of whats an introduction into the undaground
Murderin motherf**kers inevitable when I crush em in the dusty cloud
What the f**k that sound?
Breakin up every syllable like a runway gown
Hungry growl, kill a motherf**ker's stomach there somethin I wanna kill em all hunt em down
Heaven will crumble and then the devil will take em
Hit em with money and when I'ma monologue make em
Ready to cap em and spit em had there been getting famous rappers are forgetting d**kin down to where im rakin
Name another motherf**ker that you never heard of that'll do it like me
Fully automatic chopper when I wanna swoop down like a bird does these bullets like brains
Weep in your grave from the flow to the beat we tell why you should see
Been the C to the HO double PA CLIQUE
Weep in your grave from the flow to the beat we tell why you should see
Been the C to the HO double PA CLIQUE

Hit em with the speed of a funnel cloud underground choppin up the victim on the beat when I come around
Hit em with a little melody when I gun em down, split em with a M16 when im dumpin rounds
Paint a pretty picture on the wall from the bloodstains
Put em in the pavement f**k a coffin I'm deranged
Fill em with the anger from the fo' to the punks brain
Couldn't never catch me not at all cause im untamed
Livin in the concrete jungle
The people are the puppets and they everywhere among you So when you gonna run to get another bundle of sick MCs with a beat for them to run through
Bruh you not poppin quite like Sprite with the homie crucified Makin all their jaws drop like Mike
Yeah we comin and we leavin everybody see em bleedin we stampede em with a beatin get em gone from sight
Back to the ma**acre clappin these rappers they actors not half of em matter when I clutch a pound
Or slash em with daggers and axes then splash in they matters then ask for insanity, judge me now
My clique is choppers we comin to conquer the underground like area 51
Or like im volcanic lava cause my top is hot and im poppin til the clip is done

Turn the radio off it doesn't sound proper
Then you better tune into this thunder pound roster
Raising a gun and you see them ducking down off the
Bullets that're flying from the undaground chopper
A lyrical murderer but a literal mercenary
The reaper of speed when i'm speaking
Coming up in a hearse to bury
The worst of the earth prepare me to spit it with the wicked
And making the interpretation of all of the verses vary
I could then debate about how a sniper penetrated your chest neck and knees, 5% are waiting hyperventilating stretch it please okay but you better be ready to accept your destiny
I profess to thee nevertheless to see forever the best in me then the rest of these
Do whatever they can to test and pester me then get upset and wreck the beat then they're gonna become a vital part of my next recipe
Vicodin pack and mic in a bag and i'm liking the fact that I'm taking the fake and I'm breaking their back and making em all sigh with defeat
Never the one to get up with a gun gonna be leavin em covered in blood looking up at the sun on the side of the street
Open the door and I'm kickin em out then imma close it again bringing the full intensity so that they die with the heat
I'm more sick and psycho than Michael Jackson riding a bicycle by the school I am the S P L Y to the T I'm an undaground chopper

Them Undaground Choppers
Choppers gonna get ya
Choppers gonna hit ya
Choppers gonna split ya
Them Undaground Choppers
Choppers gonna get ya
Choppers gonna hit ya
Choppers gonna split ya

Redrum, murder them all, new day, he was alone, please do grab a knife and fight and I'll grab a chainsaw
Then you run for your life, I be splitting it in 20 ways and dream it for 20 days concerned that you never got to play
The bars be the culprit, when I lose it I snap and go back like a deed with the broomstick always look like
B*t*h you sick, fight me, cry, my eyes don't back I don't see you're black cause all I wanna see pu**y is when you gon die
Chop chop chop chop chop the sound of the axe as it goes through back, as it goes through your skin
Then it goes through your neck, throw your bones up, DBOI's home!
Who think that they standing a chance against me, I promise they're gonna be catered
Tragic I'm leaving no one, for the demons, indeed that's the reason why I'm the king of the darkness
My target- every motherf**ker that's breathing, I will not stop till they're bleeding, chop chop chop and I'm leaving

Take it to the darkside, kill em all, I bring a person as they call the crown in over kings, as you're tripping off the wings, come hear the scream
No more contemplating the city, no longer awaiting we're taking the world by storm, not letting up, steadily laying down enemies burning down
You crumble, the ma**acre, gon turn em to ashes, with fire and acid continue to smash em, and that's how we trash em it's my satisfaction
Don't watch your reaction I simply just play, chopping your body parts, split at your belly bones, break em and right after dark as we gather up
Falling buried, I cruise in blood, 24/7 this sh*t will not stop our disciples of Satan, we'll never get buck, we will march and then never look back
Come give it to em but I want it now, if you will then I go against the army you see they will never get far, now pick up your weapons
Inside of the holy old Hell, do you hold the Black Star? Alignment to Satan we've been all disciples to treat Him forever your cities will crumble
From day to the night, you see no return, it's Krucial Mane, ATR Hell, I come into your sperm

In Inferno is burning and burning is furious, hurry you're churning it's taking your life
Scaring and dipping and dumping and flipping your trunk, I would run in trying to hide
Staying alive, trying to survive, staying alive, trying to survive
Away from the light with all of you will find, away from the light with all you will find
The flame is scorching and torching your flesh, you're tore up, embedded the mentalist better
There's nothing it's better than something the Devil will rest in your chest
I'm leaving the death, they're burning to death, they're smothering dead
I'm leaving the death, they're burning to death, they're smothering dead
Undaground Choppers, choppers gonna hit ya, chopers gonna get ya, choppers gonna split ya
Them underground choppers, choppers gonna get ya, choppers gonna hit ya, choppers gonna split yaaaa...

Dego the ?brotha? the darkest creator
I'm stayin I'm playin, constructing my labour
Volcanic the crater, errupting for acres
T**anic the breaker , corrupting the haters

The obvious stated don't need it translated
The danger, the braver, the breaker will save us, split like her boyfriend, ?the boy never gave up?, and you traitor, get hit with the freighter?, bruise like tomatoes, see what you're made of, piece of potatoes, they call me the baker, inside my stomach you will make you meet your maker, what the f**k are you afraid of?
Undaground choppers, choppers gonna get ya, choppers gonna hit ya, choppers gonna split ya
Them undaground choppers, choppers gonna get ya, choppers gonna hit ya, choppers gonna split yaaa...

I can barely remember the 1940's, so much as the 1990's

Undaground Choppers and Crucified...

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