Unaverage Lyrics

10kkev, Teejayx6 & Kasher Quon Lyrics

To, to, to busy worried bout’ Miami Beach
Trips but can’t even afford to get her hair and
Nails did, she don’t even take the time off for
Her kids but steady layin’ up at somebody
Else crib, need to get a job or go find somewhere
To live, she can’t afford no bundles so she out here
Look at hit, wear somebody else clothes cuz her own sh*t
Don’t fit that job don’t pay enough so the only choice is
Strip, she can’t get a dollar off the n***a she f**k with
But he claim he big money and he got all these whips

But he really spot working and be cappin’ like a b*t*h
And she don’t even know they getting evicted on
The fifth, shaking a** ain’t working too many hoes
Tryna strip now the b*t*h about to stuff hit the
Road and take a trip, bape tee off of yeezys don’t
Consider that as drip with those milly a** jeans that’s
A pointless a** fit

Take a look i look nowhere near average
Hoes used to bums now a n***a been ha**ling
B*t*h you conversing with a boss choose your
Words wisely because i can change the way you
Living b*t*h more than likely, put some money in your
Pocket get you outta Nike, get you tapped in with the hustle
Now you’re just like me, this b*t*h told me i’m a blessing
She was livin’ trifling anything you done for had a b*t*h excited

And don’t be running your mouth I keep my business private
We can take a good trip go across the island
Your last n***a was a lame
I'm a psychic
Every pair of amiris f**k with the tight fit

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