U da Man


U da Man By Havoc

What, here comes the muthaf**kin’ 5
Pass the Crooked I, comin’ straight out of Bed-Stuy
9-19, I believe
When I wanna puff a mad L I got the dutch hidden in my sleeve
Then I call my man Reels
Then we start the El Dorados and pick us up a fat bag of drills
Always keep the nine c*cked
Just in case a n***a feels an appetite for some nice lead lock
Caught a n***a from a chin
Now his ass is in, hit the preach ’cause he said it was a sin

Well, it’s the ill Caucasian, check the invasion
Bushwick to White Plains, the world in seven days and back
I’m down with the Black Smif-N-Wessun persuasion
Wanna flex next, swing one, that’s all she wrote
Get the point to the joint, now you’re bendin’ for the soap
Like my b*t*h, f**k a b*t*h real quick, then I vanish
I always get the pu**y ’cause I tell ’em that I’m Spanish
Chill, lay low, I’m throwin’ headcracks in cec-lo
n***as losin’ dough so now they gots to bet a kilo
Mines for the takin’, never fakin’ when I kick it
Girls be on my jock, they want a taste so they lick it
Rip it from the back, bust a nut in her crack
Big Dru Ha puffin lye and I’m out, black

Now you the man, now you the man, now you the man
Now you the man, now you the muthaf**kin’ man

n***as regret it when they get wetted with the automatic weapons
When I walk the streets I pack a Tec for protection
You know the deal, nowadays sh*t is real
Kid, I had it up to here, muthaf**kas better chill
‘Cause on the block, yes kid, we get busy
Front on my crew and get bust open like a f**kin’ Phillie
Punk muthaf**kers on the mic get violated
A rhyme ain’t a rhyme if it ain’t crime-related
I’m bustin’ raps like a n***a bustin’ caps
I grab the mic, c*ck it back and kick the f**kin’ facts
Stompin’ n***as out with my black Timbs
Leavin’ n***as crippled with artificial limbs
A slug in the brain ’cause you tried to sham
You thought you was the man, you f**kin’ coward

I’m with my ill n***as troopin’ down Atlantic Ave
Three blunts still plus there’s weed in the stash
Timb boots flop as the L gets sparked
Play the shouts from the street, it’s flames movin’ in the dark
I’ve had it up to here with y’all weak-ass rappers
Bucktown, home of the Originoo Gunn Clappaz
The name’s Smif-N-Wessun and we’re representin’ lovely
Smif draws the 4-5th if you punks try to rub me
And I got his back, leave your body lyin’ flat
It’s time to knuckle up, guard your grill, f**k that
Timberlands bootin’ up the ass of A&R’s
You gettin’ surgery tryin’ to cover up the scars
You pu**y old bwoy, bett’r watch where ya stand
Smif-N-Wessun comin’, lettin’ you know who’s the man

Now you the man, now you the man, now you the man
Now you the man, now you the muthaf**kin’ man

These n***as is crazy, but I get real rough, no question
Runnin’ with Black Moon, representin’ Smif-N-Wessun
The boy’s crazy, boys roll Mobb Deep
Bringin’ Havoc, so get dramatic and get splattered in a heartbeat
Bits and pieces when I release the boom
These type of tunes kept me consumed in a rubber room
Now I rock with Buckshot, what the f**k, ock
I got ’nuff props so you can get the fat c*ck

I’ve got 1, 2, 3, let me know if you’re ready for me
Lawd, you must throw your hands upon the mic and let ’em know
About the flow when you rip and stick it ’cause you must get wicked
Never hesitate to big up a lyrical gangster, not lyrical prankster, see
Straight from the head of Buckshot hittin’ ’em real irie
Mi never come fi short, mi a-fi shoot upon di mic
You gwan fall like di Babylon on sight
Taught by my n***a Screwface tie your shoe-lace
Let my n***a Bass tell me who take who place
Side up and up, side up and up, black
Yo chill, parlay, god, they ain’t ready for that
They ain’t ready for that
Everybody wan fly and get high but nobody wan die, why

Hey yo word up, kid
That’s not that bullsh*t
Word, hahaha

Now you the man, now you the man, now you the man
Now you the man, now you the muthaf**kin’ man

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