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?shinigami Lyrics

Runnin' around in a circle 
I'm tryna jump over these hurdles
I'm just tryin' to get to the bag
You all look the same and it's sad

I really just wanna be perfect
I really don't think this is worth it
Don't want you to ever come back now
I'm wipin' these tears with these racks now

Brand new chain when I hop out
I came too far; can't stop now
Used to be late everyday
Got my own crib, yeah I'm paid

Remember when I was the cla** clown?
Now b*t*hes be pullin' their a** out
Life be movin' too fast now
I gotta relax; I'ma pa** out

Can’t control my thoughts
I've been feeling so lost
Ain't no, I'm not okay
They think I'm lit
They say I'm on
But I still wanna be erased

Bad dreams
Hennessy and nightmares
They say they gon' miss me when I'm gone
But I do not care

Runnin' around in a circle
I'm tryna jump over these hurdles
I'm just tryin' to get to the bag
You all look the same and it's sad

And I'm so selfish in my ways
Always running my mouth when I get hate
If they only knew the place that I came from
If they saw it from my eyes maybe it'll change 'em

The game, ironic
They don't know how I'm coming
"Damn bro you using too much auto-tune bro, what the f**k"
I don't give a f**k; I love it
I don't be listening to what anyone says
Everyone gon' miss me when I'm dead

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