U Ain’t Gettin’ Nothin’ Lyrics

XV Lyrics

I hear you talkin' but your words is not showin' up
See why you stuntin' and frontin', homie we blowin' up
N***a we hit it, your misses she wanna roll with us
Let's make a toast to the haters, my n***a pour it up
"Nothin, nothin', you ain't scaring nothin'" - Lil Wayne 'A Milli'

My, my, my why don't I just take a gander
At these bloggers and these ranchers and they motherf**kin' slander
Go for broke with every flow
I got speakers goin' Hammer
And you dudes a little too Zoolander
Squarian nation
Ball/bald on you n***as like the Aryan nation
Supreme with that white
Had a motherf**kers life lookin' darker than a Haitian
Look around the hood, take a peek at what we facin'
So I dare a n***a to tell me I can't rhyme
Give me a pale track, I'll give it tan lines
Tryin' to teach Heaven with these bars
Stayin' away from Hell in a cell like a retired man ?
Blew up from the ground up like a landmine
While you n***as ain't sellin'/cellin' like a f**kin' land line
And L7's is the hand sign
But me and 7 ain't take an L in a long a** time n***a

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