True 2 Self Lyrics

Xenial Lyrics

I never said I’m a prodigy
I just make this sh*t look easy
Way back no one wanna copy me
Now everyone wanna be me
People they try to devalue me
Now those same people would leave me
But it’s all good in the hood cause I’m doing everything I can just to be me

I am not the norm stand on my own two feet I don’t fit with yours
Give a motherf**k about getting a damn award
When all i wanna do is be up in the top 4
Rhymes soar I’m Thor been here before
Murder opposition like killing floor
I rip the morgue hit the door then spit some more
To find my place inside the game and kill the tours but
Why would I wanna be like you sipping on lean and pa** out at a drive thru
Honestly I really spite you
Tats on your face looking like demons eyed you
Honestly man I'm appalled
Labels have taken these kids by the balls
I pick up the call cause I’m numb to it all
Changing my brand man I’m giving my all
Never give a f**k if they tell me to duck I’m shooting daffy guess it sucks to be you
They tell me to sign I’m looking at the line
And eyeing all the guys and changing the rules
Give me 30 seconds just to be impressive switching every lesson killing every section
Finger f**king presses they ain’t representing sh*t that I been testing acing the new
Wave of rappers then I guess I split the ocean
People telling me that sh*t is set in motion but it’s not in stone
Then I guess I’m on some bionic type of rap that’s outta pocket
Like they losing watches in a new zone damn I’m really cold and I’m really on
A new type of level that they never get to feel in they career because they be on
A little bit bullsh*t with a full clip never bout anything they would f**king say
Then would teach new kids who would use this as a influence what they hear on a day to day
And I’m sick of all the bullsh*t and the damn lies
So I gotta be the fall guy with a b*t*h hog tied
Record it online so they see the sh*t worldwide
Of how I kill the game and switch it up from the inside

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