Tropicana (ft. Yama, Numbtears & Lil Am) Lyrics

?yama Lyrics

Why you love to make this sh*t so complicated
She been spending money I wonder who made it
Never rocking white I’m acting like a racist
Got me stressing so much took a vacation

Foreign baddie I don’t f**k with no basics
I been on that zaza yeah I’m medicated
Yeah, I’m medicated
Rolling doly babygirl you cannot change it
Nah, you cannot change me..

Baby lets go to hawaii where the bad b*t*hes at
Yea we moving place to place and the benz all matte
Stacking bands in my jeans they ain’t skinny no more
Take my friends going shopping and wе sold out the store
We got stеvo on production you know he my best man
My baby cruising in a boat
And your b*t*h call me a goat
.30 and my pants and you know my shooters tote
And it’s chilly in the winter so i got a gotta keep coat
B*t*h i got the message, don’t need to double text
Like a body builder b*t*h you know im gonna have to flex

Nah nah nah nah nah
Tropicana tropicana na na na
Got my girl from overseas think she asian japanese
She got hokkaido on her tee she like a blossom on a tree
I break her back and take her out gonna get some double c’s
She call senpai, said that she love me suki hontoni
I love that cash, i throw them bands on her a**
I know my b*t*h exotic got them strips up on her a**
She taste like tropicana, i take my baby to bahamas
I don’t want no smoke but i’m causing all of the drama

Tropicana we be drinking Tropicana ahandful of a** shake it like Rihanna , wanna f**k with me now I don’t really wanna
I’m a snap it from the back like a Kitkat, okay
Tropicana need a bad b*t*h like Rihanna getting hot in here like Sauna
I’ve been dealing with the trauma you’ve been dealing with the drama
Spitting fax like a llama you tell me that you love me pero Ella nuca llama y Ella no me ama
Tropicana Tropicana Tropicana need a bad b*t*h I need her like Rihanna
Need a bad b*t*h need her like rihanna
Racing through the lanes
And your b*t*h drive me insane, uh
Speeding in a forgien b*t*h i hop out the delorean
B*t*h we stacking money we ain’t ever gonna stop
Yea i’m pretty friendly unless if you a f**king opp yuh

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