Trina’s Song Lyrics

2016 Broadway Cast of Falsettos Lyrics

I'm tired of all the happy men who rule the world
They grow—of that I'm sure
They grow—but don't mature
I'd like the chance to hide in that world

I'm listening
To these men who aren't quite men yet
But aren't boys
Make noise
And throw their knives;
Their toys are people's lives
They fight too hard
And play too rough
They sometimes love, but not enough
My heart will beat at will, but still

It's crazy how they're acting
It's crazy my response
It's stupid how I love them
So dumb, how I anticipate their wants
But as long as they amuse me
That alone is what's required

So I'll roar
Like I'm wired
I'll explore what I'm feeling
Except what I'm feeling is tired
I'm tired

So tired of all the happy men who rule the world
Happy, frightened men who rule the world
Stupid, charming men
Silly, childish j*rks

That said, I'll be his wife
I'll wed and change my life
I'll laugh, I'll smile, I'll welcome cheer
The time is right, the men are near
Now happiness and love appear

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