Trackman Heat (FreeVerse) Lyrics

808 Mafia Lyrics

Ya'll n***as are see-through / especially in your b*t*h eyes
I'm Malcolm in the Middle, Homie / in-between your b*t*h tights
Smoking on that bomb dank / call my crib the drunk tank
Damn that girl give bomb brain / She sallow the whole thang
TheGreatUs is the Cocaine in Cobane / blowin up like propane
Gradualy gain progress / the squeeze make you n***as go to sleep from conscience
The rhythm of Rambo / introduction to the f**kin dirt
No matter the cost / Need seconds cause I hunger for first
Vampiric Thurst, Breathe in / then instill fear before my insert
I'm in her, dim lights and dinners / Winner with road rage. I rear end her
Sinner with no faith / real n***as never hiss with the snakes

Tiger fangs are filled with bones from crushed opponents
Crazy, screws are loose call me missing components
Real sh*t the fake isn't wanted
No Convo's cause there is nothings in common

I been at the top, soon as I entered the door bruh / My mouth produces paralyzing poisons call me King Cobra
Early Bird Energy the Worms f**k with folgers / Put'em in the lake they frozen
Watch you pu**y drown while we smokin
2 High my lvl Stratus Clouds. She's a terrorist on a 747 going down
Plethera of weed and eighth of shrooms.... TGU my HQ, Fortress of Doom my revenue
NSV my neighborhood raised with them goons, Insane Fool turned into Minnesota Loon
Yo, I am cruising through this winter wasteland in search of rubberbands
Hate will soon completely consume the face of man
Boca Del Monstruo, Open jaws. Holding it down, Lion paws
Fangs in the neck, no breathe in the lungs
Hearts on my sleeve so my girls in my arms
My minds on the green but the bush is buried deep within this burning blunt
If you trippin out I proceed to ask what the f**k you on
I enter the ring ready to lay ya, Uriah Faber
Know every move as if The Dragon Lee was my neighbor
I inhale the rebel, sweet erroneous vapors
Usually produced by whats roll in up these papers haters

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