Touch Eem Body Lyrics

XXXTENTACION, Bass Santana, Kin$oul & Reddz Lyrics

An appreciation cake because Eem X bought Eem a new house
Eem new house got a backyard so he can f**k all of these b*t*hes and have a crazy orgy in the backyard
Eem X the G.O.A.T
T-t-to Ba** be the glory

Sc*m on these b*t*hes, I slime on these b*t*hes
Want panorama, David Banner, ayo
Pull up, she wetter than water
Watermelon pu**y, eat it wit' no manners, splat
Uh, she throwin' that pu**y like, "No way"
My n***as is savage, they go play
I pulled up the Honda like, "Okay"
Ayy, ayy
F**kers like, "Run it up," pull up in Tonka trucks
Slime on that b*t*h, then I c*m
Molly and water, I came for yo' daughter
And she put my d**k on her tongue
D**k is on fleek, skeeter beater, I'ma eat her
Warm it up just like a heater
Call me daddy, I'ma beat her
Run it up, came for your daughter, your— ayy

Slime on that b*t*h and I hit from behind
Gave her the pipe and her friends fell in line
Swallow my children, yeah, she sucked me dry
All on her throat like a tie
I ain't even have to lie
B*t*h, you better recognize, I'm forever Bad Vibes
She choose the b*t*hes I like
I turn that ho to a dyke
I beat the pu**y all night
Smoke dope, get high, you can just stay the night

Sloppy when you top me, baby girl, 'cause I ain't tryna wife

Look, slime on that b*t*h, spend no time on that bih'
I be rockin' and rollin', I got no apologies
Pull out the stick, yeah, I pull up and flex on my ex
Like, "You f**ked up, don't gotta acknowledge me"
Boy, these n***as don't want beef, they just followin' fashion
Don't know why they can't be themself
Slime on that b*t*h, in the sheets she be hollerin'
Make her go Hollywood, keep to myself
Smoke mad blunts, I'm so sedated
How it go, n***a? I ain't the one want to play with
Pu**y help me avoid confrontation
F**k this life, run it up, you can't save us
My d**k just can't get no bigger
My b*t*h know that I'm a no-good n***a
Protect your daughters, the wolves is preyin'
She taste the Matrix and she can't take it

Oh, damn, huh, heh, you like to get sick? Huh, huh
Body legit, huh, huh, keepin' it fit, huh
I just wanna take a dip, yeah, I just wanna take a sip, yeah
Fat boy in this b*t*h, yeah, hope you a freaky b*t*h, yeah
Grab on your breasts, I wonder what's next
Your pu**y a mission, and my tongue on a quest
From what I read in the text, I could jus' tell you depressed
I know that you wanna cuddle, but you gon' have to give the neck

We appreciate you, Yung Dagger Dack
Yung Dagger Deck, yes

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