Too Loose Pt.2 Lyrics

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Whos on me? Dont f**king mad me
F**king hell, them boy they're chatty
Bumbacleet, them boy they're athletes
Are you mad that man can't grab me
Everyday step comfy with ba**y
And grip, fishing, they know that Im splashy
In and out jugg, now look whos drippy
blud just move it out real quickly
Swiftly his bredrin ran off, what a wimpy
Cuh my new black blade, wanted to puncture kidneys
But wait hold up, who is your gyalfriend
Please tell her, just to come hit me
Big back, nice breast you know, Ima have to get freaky
But hold on wait, where is my barbie Shartie
Grip my shank, shes so nardy, cla**y
But one night she turned nasty
Uck me? F**k me? Shartie too horny
But she's gangster cuh, she'll earn your bludclart farmy
Bad Gyal there she know she my chargy
Active when i step on party's
Big long one on my hip, and she got one, so you know that we narly
But, I just keep it wavy, Why the f**k do you think that they hate me
Gayzee, but their workrate is lazy
F**k you, pay me
No tosses if the man in my hood, really don't rate me
Tell her come slay me, cuh step with things on a daily
Man know that I step with strength and one on me, and no it dont bend
In and out splash, tryna T-shirt men
If you're on me, why you leap that fence
C**t shavers, tryna feed these gems
How many times have I circled the 10
How many times have man, run off and left their friends
But, you still wanna talk all sh*t
Even thought that you got splashed
And that pussio did go and hop that fence
I can't beef these fags, cuh they ain't on sh*t and its f**king stress
I can't beef these fags, man its f**king stress

Last time that I lacked, I could've got splashed by the f**king jokers
Half hearted pokers, claiming that they're winning this beef, thats bogus
Stop throwing your fists with rams
You should've had blades in your hands like Logan
I Slid back there with smoke no hovas, tryna leave man toasted
Iching to buss, Im roasting
2 of them opps got splashed in a day, them times we didn't know about boasting
1 try run he was out of luck, he tripped and dropped and we poked him
That was waist and up and they know this
Little man must be joking, 12 boys we do life support soaking
How you gon' talk intensive?
How many times have i slid on the 10, like juice gon' spill like lensive
Really on the field and I f**king ment it
No time for pretending, 15 Inch no way is it bending
UHH, or gun lean like S1 with botty
2 hands, Im gripping it properly
I skrred that 400, whilst S1 was looking for wolly
2 L's, tryna dip mans bones
We knew that we wouldn't see no one
So that day we slid with phones
And that was bait while we took that risk
1-Double-O CC with things
On the lurk like who wants smoke?
More than 2 L's with a ramsy, tryna turn man ghost
Itching to dip through coats, we ain't playing no games
Thats an In and out splash if he bangs for grove
How many man have we had on ropes?
Big 15 tryna turn man ghost
I swear bare man just talking loads
You jumped on recent, how you gon' talk 'bout road
My man ain't loyal to nothing
Did you forget you was cool with bros?
Like hella man act for the net
Its funny how they're talking splashy
How many man been splashed from the 10?

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