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Kid Trash

like I'm Kid Trash
Over that sh*t, ask me why I need that
I don't really need that
I'ma get it anyway
Why are you in front of me? I'm tryna get this f**kin' cake
So get out of my f**kin' way, cause I'ma get it anyway
We living different, not the same

They hate on me, just know that we still count it up
They , but you notice they not up
Worried 'bout my pockets you should worry 'bout yo bucks
They adding to the reasons to not give a f**k

Watch how I'm counting up, what?
Watch how I smoke on the blunt, what?
I think I'm not gonna stop, what?
They think I did it with luck, what?
No, I didn't, genie grant you wishes
See them stars up on me, he don't know the intuition
'Cause I ain't pay my taxes just likе Wario
I'ma catch him lackin, make it viral
You my rival, not my ride or die
Just likе tidal, keep on crashing fast
, can't relax
I can't lie, that's a fact
down bad
Heard his b*t*h, I love to cap
We gon' take him off the map
So much shooters on him, he can't talk about my bag

Whippin' out the pistol, he said, "What the f**k is that?"

Put that bullsh*t to the side
I'm tired of yo bullsh*t I won't let it slide
send him to the sky

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