To the Top (Nigerian Royalty Remix) Lyrics

?def rebel Lyrics

Yeah, I'm gon' get it

Yeah, I made it, I made it

Come on!
I don't see the bottom of it
I'm fighting hard
Feel the pain but I gotta love it
The sweat glistenin, I'mma win, and they don't battle hundreds, and
Dismantle half of your roster with only half the Gunnaz
I fought hard, now I'm fighting the hardest
Had to rebuild, now I'm gonna demolish
Did this on my own, nobody was in my corner
Thinking about the days that I thought I was a goner

Yeah! Come on!
Limits and fears? Nah, I don't got those
'Cause I'm living my life from the top

Yeah, I'm gon' get it
They wanna touch, then go ahead, I'm with it, I'm with it

Yeah, I'm gon' take it
I'm looking from the top, yеah, I made it, I made it

I got foes
I'mma rock those, 'til everybody calls me capo
I gotta win, this a victory and god knows
I bulldoze anybody in the way of my goals
You all doubted but now you all come to my shows
Never believed but now you can see that I've grown
Goodbye, no good guys, it ain't a surprise
I'm gonna be the champ for those that never thought I could rise

Everyone that ever said I'd never get to the prize
You're gonna see me in the sky
Be living my life from the top


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