To all my bros freestyle Lyrics

5laughter Lyrics

Play that
Talk that sh*t again and we gon' spray that, uh

My sh*t come on the list, and she gon' play that
Talk that smack again and we gon' spray that
What you got in your pockets we gon' take that
The sh*t you doing, already done that
That lil b*t*h so good, she wanna come back
Last year 'tava broke I made a comeback
Agora é só contar guita, where my bros at?
Finna cop a new Mercedes wanna go fast
Só mais um dia nesta vida I'm tryna go up
Perc 30 got me tweaking I might throw up
Se tu me queres a teu lado you better show love
Andei perdido por uns anos I was so dumb
I swear I love all my bros 'cause they were there for me
All this anger and pain makes it hard to see
If I got money, they got money, that's it how it be
On my side till I die, we a better team

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