Title I (Subtitle A) Lyrics

111th Congress of the United States Lyrics

T**LE IQUALITY, AFFORDABLE HEALTH CARE FOR ALL AMERICANSImmediate Improvements in Health Care Coverage for All Americans

Sec. 1001. Amendments to the Public Health Service Act.

PART A--Individual and Group Market Reforms
subpart ii--improving coverage

Sec. 2711. No lifetime or annual limits.
Sec. 2712. Prohibition on rescissions.
Sec. 2713. Coverage of preventive health services.
Sec. 2714. Extension of dependent coverage.
Sec. 2715. Development and utilization of uniform explanation of coverage doc*ments and standardized definitions.
Sec. 2716. Prohibition of discrimination based on salary.
Sec. 2717. Ensuring the quality of care.
Sec. 2718. Bringing down the cost of health care coverage.
Sec. 2719. Appeals process.
Sec. 1002. Health insurance consumer information.
Sec. 1003. Ensuring that consumers get value for their dollars.
Sec. 1004. Effective dates.

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