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?redveil Lyrics

I be talking bout that raw sh*t, bout that strange sh*t
In a race im not a goner, i bet i'm placing
I done slipped on every floor in the f**king place man
I got dubbed cus im 18, f**k the date man
Stupid tests, get em off
Never winnin' that's your flaw
I done walked into an army with a hammer and a saw
And I walked away with bodies
Every body's in a morgue
I hop right up on my board
And i pull out midas sword

Check the moon when i rap
You could prolly see me smoking out a zip, another pack
Livin famous, london Tipton finna be my tinder match
Making craters in the surface
When a n***a getting mad
Hold up woah
Can't be f**kin with her rivеr if she hating on the flow
I got standards, gotta lovе me and my people for the bros
If you dont then I guess you gotta go
I be witnessing the pride when n***as reach up in the coat

I been sifting thru my ties n***as moving shady
Retina lined up with the prize thats how momma raised me
I been running outta time i ain’t moving lazy
I been running outta time running from complacence
My patience done dried up it’s vacant
My mind get to racing
I’m running out the crib left it in the basement
Really i just wan' hide ion wanna face it
But i still got too much pride so i ain’t gon say sh*t
You can see it in my eyes if you coming near me
But i know you ain't gon try if you thinking clearly
You be scared to speak yo mind you can’t put no fear in me
I be standing in the fire n***as can’t bury me *cough*
I been standing in the fire for a long time
I been standing in the fire for a long time
Solo in the climb for a long time
I been solo in this climb for a long time

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