Tight Knit Family Lyrics

2016 Broadway Cast of Falsettos Lyrics

Well, the situation's this
I do not wish to offend
I divorced my wife
I left my child
And I ran off with a friend

But I want a tight-knit family
I want a group that harmonizes
I want my wife and kid and friend
To pretend
Time will mend
Our pain

So it's nineteen seventy-nine
And we don't go by the book
We all eat as one—
Wife, friend, and son—
And I sing out as they cook

I love my tight-knit family
I love the way they cook linguine
Isn't it great? We're all so swell
Such a dear clientele

I swear we're gonna come through it
I fear we'll probably fight
But nothing's impossible
Live by your wit—
Kid, wife, and lover will have to admit
I was right
I cushioned the fall
I want it all
I want it all
I want it

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