Tight Knit Family (Reprise) Lyrics

2016 Broadway Cast of Falsettos Lyrics

Well, the situation's this;
I don't want to cause a stink
I divorced my wife
She dried her eyes
Then she ran off with my shrink

But I want a tight-knit family
I want a wife who knows what love is
Maybe she does, I'm too damn peeved
Who knows?

I should worry what he says
Like his words could hurt me worse
Marvin acts bereft
My acts of theft
Are incredibly perverse

You said it

It's embarra**ing
But I've got a nice, tight family
Son with a brain and nice, bright mother
Yes, I feel guilt. Yes, I'm annoyed
So was Jung, so was Freud!

But I, I know you'll come through it

I...I can't believe she loves you

If so, you'll end looking rich

Why, I'm sure she cannot love you!
But nothing's impossible!

Look who's got power

Ah, King of the Losers!

At eighty an hour!
He can b*t*h
I can stall

I want

I've got

I want

It all!
I'm sure we're gonna come through it!
No doubt, the b*st*rd prepares!
We're needy and wanting
We're greedy as swine!

I just got a family

The family was mine!

But he dares
Dares to brawl?

I got it all! / I want it all!
I got it all! / I want it all!
I got it all! / I want it all!

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