This Beef Can’t Settle Lyrics

12World Lyrics

Vader on the beat

Got a call for the move and weren't from Gerald
Link my man for a Z of each or pros still put it in pebbles
Slid round there in the cab
Rev when go when I been on the pedals
If I get stopped that's a joke ting
The Bush come hot, no kettle
Nuff times man step with the metal
Manna don't know about dem
But this beef man can't settle
Shh got splashed, no Dettol
The judge gave 16 nineteen years
I swear dem birds their mental
Ride for my bro no doubt
Just for 1-2s with petrol
F**k with the opp that's a waste of nut
No way are we doing them gentle
K's on the 12 you're mental
You don't wanna get smoked like menthols
And end up surrounded by doctors
Nuff times we took them risks
How many times you think we prospered?
I don have my hands on the tools
I'm tryna get my hands on a mossberg
You got paid for a one week shift and your acting rich that att**udes rotten
Dem man fall from screw don
How you spend that profit on trotters?
And I got contacts to the plug so man can't tell me about sockets
He's got a good price for the keys and trust dem keys opening lockers
I been on the fields like west way
Tryna score goals like soccer
The 12 side dip-dip proper
Stay inside or get splashed
I won't ching him up for no friends
But I mash the work for the gang

Grip my rambzy come here don't run
Back it out woosh inject in lungs
Two peds 4 man like broski don't run
Man do splash we did for fun
Dem boys love lie but hide behind their mums
In Bushes man camp then hop out splash on these punks
Shh try get a shave up but then he got shaved up like isn't he dumb
Bare smoke man cause every time I beat off that drum
Big bike on opp block, gotta tell Sav slow down gone over those humps
Like 4 double 0 like bro if you run then your dumb
Man do drills and score them for fun
Anything Grove in the flesh man get it it just wet it, wet it
Make sure that I twist up an opp's lungs
Add a K to the 12 get got and f**king done
Man kick up your face lose faith watch when your bredrins run
Like how can you come to the 12
Two rambz in hand
But then run like you're Forrest Gump
Shut up your mout' 'bout
Man back it out in front of witness
Shh try run but TS did catch up then he did trip him
Ba**y come up as if an itching
Stupid f**king deluded snitches
Like how you gon chat bout
Run like your f**king women
Are you f**king cray
Man back it broad day
Watch him run and he'll get shaved
S1 you know I'm cray
And I just d**ked down your bae
She say the S1's sweet
Tell that barbie come my way
Man back it out move erratic
F**k it
Anything 10 man splash it
Dem boy their good with their words
But you know upfront they are good with the dashing
Me I come striker Diego Costa, let me bag that hat trick
If a boy wan act on badness
Back that splash it instant grabbing
Cah you know man lean on volts
Cah you know man lean on volts
And none of those boys better than 12O

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