Thinkpiece Lyrics

Quiet Luke Lyrics

I really wish that people would stop making all these conspiracy theories about 9/11
There's no way a man can be a saint if his natures fabricated to ease himself to the gates of heaven
I don't know where I'm going anymore I'm just a man
I don't know what death is, I've only seen its hands
And it's power to seal all the senses with just a touch
Fool us into thinking we're stuck in a cobra clutch
To a cadaver that expires though our energy is infinite
In the language of the world, death's a symbol of ignorance
Traversed through syndicates looking for my ident**y
Found myself in the tears of a sinners sympathy
Playing god, preventing these hearts from withering
Snakes slithering in the garden of eden, bickering
I hope you visualize all the paintings that I've been picturing
Lights inside the back of my head flashing, flickering
So, pardon my thought process if it seems like I'm jittery
That's just the way that I choose to express all my energy

N***as talk way too muh
N***as talk way too muh
N***as talk way too muh
Judge a n***a like I ever give two f**ks.....
I'm just trying to add to this culture
God damn all these vultures
They wanna eat me from the inside like ulcers
Gotta get these thoughts out before I go under
& shouts out to Sam Caldwell we made it
Feel a little less than famous
Train of thought straight hydroplaning
Washing up on the shores of my consciousness
Anonymous, lurking inside a reality that's conscienceless
Laughing at these caucuses, craving thoughtfulness
Rejecting flawless fronts for honest sh*t
Imperfection is the truest beauty and I choose to honor it
With my conglomerate, opposite of modernists
DIY opulence, out the box of the populace
Somedays I'm lost in the world but I never mind it
Just try to find some peace inside it
Laying with love for guidance
Thinking of giving my brain to science
Puffing upon the finest cypress
Every day I'm looking for more brightness
Embracing the darkness avoiding the virus
The human condition is always fascinating
I got a knowledge craving, it converts into these creations

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