Things to Believe In Lyrics

7AE Lyrics


Too many nights I've been stuck to myself, I'd be damned if I do it again
See that she feelin' the guy, yeah ask 7, she already callin' me twin
How many times I've been hearin' this sweet, how many times I'ma hit it this evening?
Hope you got someone you really believe in
Right now they callin' you more than the streets is
But you ignore it
You say you don't got a problem with provin' the things that you say, you a**ure it
The way that you talkin', I gotta make time for this sh*t, I might have to record it
So tell me you comin' with me after this
Throw that thing back like you throwin' a fit
Why you do the things you doin' to me, girl?
You don't еven know the way that I get
Somеtimes I honestly try to resist
Look up, I don't know what time it is
Right now I'm tryna survivin' it
Open it up when I'm divin' it
All this time, where you've been hidin' this?

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