?these g1rls Lyrics

?convolk Lyrics

Ohh, ohh

Back in ninth grade, I was really lame
But this girl, she was the one
Saw her everywhere, couldn't not stare
Asked her out, she laughed a ton and she said

"These girls will leave you out to dry
These girls don't care if you cry
These girls, you shouldn't waste your time"

And she said, "These girls will go and break your heart
These girls will tear your life apart
These girls, you shouldn't even start"

Looking for a boo, where the f**k are you?
I've been waiting the whole night
Looking everywhere, but there's nothing there
I'll go home and wonder why, 'cause I know

"These girls will f**k me up for good
These girls are so damn Hollywood
These girls, these girls, these girls"

Started getting laid, nothing was the same
Wasn't cool, but wasn't lame
Saw my old crush, eyes met and she blushed
'Cause she saw that things had changed
She walked up to me, kissed me on the cheek
Whispered something in my ear
Smile on my face, should've walked away
But I really felt no fear and I said

"These girls will make you feel like trash
These girls put you on your a**
These girls will break your heart like gla**"

And I said, "These girls will put you in the past
These girls will take you out their path
These girls, it's never built to last"

She looked in my eyes, and to my surprise
Wasn't mad, and didn't fight
Told me I was right, asked to spend the night
I saw the f**king light

These girls, these girls, these girls, these girls

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