These Dreams Lyrics

Quake Matthews Lyrics

I keep my hopes and dreams inside you amongst these other things
My mother seems to never see the bruises that I'm covering
Never been known as my government name
My foster home is where I've been placed away from the pain
And now you sit before me, with a folder holding my story
You're my saviour with nothing on me but hope and glory
And surely, you'll never ignore me
'cos when the court came the court date was made to disappear for me
You think you understand me, but never what I went through
But you were never meant to, I won't hold it against you
I take a ball point pen to play dot to dot
With the cigarette burns etched in my forearms
Forget me not, never let me stop, you'll just sit and watch
It's your job to be patient so you'll let me off
So come with me take a walk on the wild side
And see life in a day through a child's eyes

And these dreams are all I have to hold me
When sleep's the only thing I want to take me away, away

Okay session's over time to get back to the cla**room
I hate this lesson and I guess the teacher finds it hard too
You told me I should try my best but guess what, I still find this trigonometry a head f**k
Constantly told I won't pa** my GCSEs
I'll end up in Mac D's serving burgers and cheese
But you told me I can do anything if I put my mind to it
Mistakes make a change if you put a line through 'em
Lately cla**mates think I'm crazy
Turn up daily resembling Bill Bailey
And I ain't saying that I can't be groomed with it
Without new clothes or shower it's hard to do so
After school you'll take me shopping for some new clothes
But they'll get taken off me when I get back to the group home
So come with me take a walk on the wild side
And see life in a day through a child's eyes

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