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Jim Carey playing the mask
Or Adam Sandler playing Big Daddy
Wouldn't even find this funny
You see I have a dream like Martin
But I wasn't making no money
They don't respect the respectable
If you hold no decimals my job about to fire my a**
I almost cried in the restroom
Please mommy pray for me
I've been working all week
Still ain't got nothing to eat
It's a place in my mind
I been trying to get there
Will I have some time?
Sometimes battling depression
But I ain't taking no pills
That's how my father got fiend out
So I ain't looking to fill
His got damn shoes
And I lost a friend last year
To them Xanny's fool
So f**k sipping the syrup
Ima flip my verbs
I'm playing the Flappy Bird
Trying to stay above ground
But they shoot me down
Oh yes they shoot me down
They shoot me down
Oh yes they shoot me down
I'm not the sheriff or the deputy
I'm frying big fish
Let the Nemo's be
Yea we still struggling for rent
But we ain't never been so down
We had our furniture sent to the corner
Some days in my own household
Man I feel like a foreigner
Illegal alien bumping ATLiens
Aquemini when i'm feeling Israelian
Had my head wrapped
When my dreads touch my back
I cut them all off
Hoping the world would cut me slack
Now both my brothers home
And both of them strapped
So incase you envy me
You better sit down and relax
You see we keep our family tight
Before I dream of better days
I kiss my niece goodnight
Close your eyes young Princess

The price to be by your side
I know I haven't tried
You will be my best because
That is all he ever was

I know there's something more
When I'm feeling my tears fall
That is when im at my best
Nothing more nothing less

You seem like you already know
I feel like you've been here before

Time hope it makes it strong
In the seconds in the song
That's why it hurts when something is wrong
Hope I have a way to run

Never right never wrong
Hope I haven't wait too long
You already know
I feel like we've been here before

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