Then Who Lyrics

7AE Lyrics

Send for me
'Cause I'm on my own out there
I don't wanna wait for your mood switch
You do a little more than I'm cool with
I don't wanna have to confuse this
For somethin' that I need when I'm losin'
Can't even blame you, 'cause I knew this
Don't know if I miss you, shawty
Don't want you to be with nobody
I don't wanna have to drop bodies
If I get a little crazy, I'm sorry
Just tell me everything, keep it honest
I will never judge you, I promise

If it ain't me then who then?
Showin' all love to you, who's been?
Keep it on the low when you flew in
Girl, you know I hate when you do this
So if it ain't me then who then?

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