The Watcher 3 Lyrics

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Yeah, "watch it"
Look, uh, "the watcher"

They done put you in a bad situation
Either way the flag'll get sanctioned
Trapped in a basement
Sharpenin' the blade on my pen tryna get the hockey mask off of Jason
We really ain't the same, these rappers ain't half as amazing
I'm past abstract with the paintings, he mastered creation
Coupled with the fact his abrasions are scars from the past generations
He grew up on the era of the Doctor, Eminem and Ice Cube
Play the beat, I'm finishin' anyone in high school
Street Fighter V rules, Kenny'll get Ryu'd
I'm hungry, jumpin' through the window at ya' drive-through
Mommy told me take it I ain't waitin' for nuttin'
See I been tryna be the greatest but they made it redundant
Now if you got it then display it but we're caught up in a day where you get popular or famous and just say what you want and this sh*t is cool?
I don't understand these cats
You'll get beat with your Grammy plaques, no I can't relax
Me stand down ain't no chance in that
'Cause you ain't get no handouts 'less you handicapped
The clan is back, believe it you see it on they faces
Feel like fourth-dimensional beings on a spaceship
Oh you thought you had it figured guess you Neo in the Matrix
If I ever caught him slippin' then he sleepin' in the basement like who?
Left him in a cage for too many days with a blade tryna pick his way through the thick of things
Any name you insinuate we incinerate
50 renegades in a tank with lieutenant rank
You entertained? I'm the show in a cypher
This what happen when gasoline get exposed to a lighter
I know they hate to believe it but I was hopin' you mighta knew I was mainly the reason for that explosion in China
I'm on fire, and I was caught up in the moment
Someone was asking what I thought of my opponents then I snapped
You'd need the entire army to control it and Poseidon to gather up all the water in the ocean
But we'll save it for another conversation
I been whippin' a** like a f**kin' dominatrix
The thing about your bars is they come in moderations
Told you I'm the watcher, you been under observation
I ain't playin', get a grip
I told you was hangin' from a cliff
It really starts to drain me like a razor to the wrist
Feel like rap is an urban legend: they sayin' it exists
Well I been lookin' like the waiter for the tip and I don't see it, I don't see it, I'm agreein' with my pineal gland
Layin' down the law like a paralegal exam
You think you the man? I'ma need ID and a reference
I believe I've seen the exception
Acknowledge me as king or get throttled by Colossus, Wolverine and everybody on my team full of X-Men
Never been the type to be somebody that I wasn't, I can't
Far as these snakes I bet you can find 'em hung in a branch
I'm authentic to the pivot when adjustin' the stance
Been in the game refereeing, they ain't up in the stands
I am the watcher

Ain't sh*t gon' change, I'm where I'm 'posed to be
Yeah, I stay within range, of what's not overseen
They callin' in the watcher
Uh, I seen it all, it's the watcher
You can run but you can't hide, n***a

TeamBackpack, KWG

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