The Turk Lyrics

Quakers Lyrics

It's the King Magnetic motherf**ker
Smack the sh*t outta somebody, you know?

Guitar notes the only rip that concern me
Took my time like my District Attorney
Eternity, heard the reason, get murdered even
I rob anyone, even labels I'm courtesy of
F**k a compilation, the connotation
I'll stomp your face in, the combination of domination
And try my patience, then vomit hatred
Thin line, between conversation and confrontation
What side are you? I'm liable to decide for you
Find out what fake n***as'll ride for you
None of those, grab boxers like underclothes
Choke 'em out, till they wake up, to a gun exposed
Electric company lighting the place
But right under your nose like the white on your face
Whether sniffing or flipping, the difference significant
American economy, this sh*t is ridiculous

Get your order in, time is running out
It's like you said man, time, time is so important now you know

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