The Sex Song Lyrics

?nAvvvi ? Lyrics

Imma lay that a** down, watch you gag me while i frown
Watch me as my body go limp cuz my short chuubby c*ck make u drown
Thas a problem u fidna solve now
Baby,,, take off that gown

I wanna f**k your a** until you prolapse on my c*ck
Lick that pick sock clean, treat my tongue like its a mop
In your guts drain my nuts til they clack like newton's cradle
P*ss in a ladle, lets try new things, baby up open your naval

Whoa, baby calm ur sh*t
I ain't got the energy to throw a fkn sht
Wanna kno if ur a** ever heard of jaffing
We can look it up together while we avoid laughin

Cuck me, cuck me i know you want to
Black bull breeding all for you
Tongue my b*** fill me up with the lube
Spread my cheeks clench my teeth, now come thru

Lay that a** down, then i stick it in ur pooper
Wanna drive thru ur a** city like a uber
Baby i ain't batman but this dik is super
Plz dont bring home lube or a ruler

Ride me like a cowgirl Red dead redemption
Sl*t shame me, yeah i like that did i mention?
Drill me like im 90 and im getting pension
Pre c*m dribbling, i can feel the tension

Claimin that my body never full throttle
Ive been practicing wit a shampoo bottle
Turn around and look me in the eyes while i enter
Btw peep this shirt that i bought at spencers

I dont care if you got sh*t on my d**k
Eat that poop up get the corn off my tip
And ill swallow so you won't have to spit
You know me baby im a gentleman


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