The Right Love Lyrics


You been speaking on me and they all listen
Why you go about it like your heart missin'?
Try to tell you somethin' and then you call, trippin'
You’re the reason that i start sippin'

You’re the reason that i can’t trust
Just anyone
And i’m not just anyone
You know it, baby i was plenty fun, yea

So don’t go talkin' like i never cared
Remember all the nights that i was there

I promise i tried for you
Only for you, only 'cause you, only 'cause you
Only 'cause

I know, i know all the things that i say
Makes you feel like you ain’t ever had the right one
Until i showed and i gave you all my love
New found love, baby the right love

You know, you know i’ve never been the type to
Give up on us 'cause i thought you were the right one
Until you showed that you don’t know how to handle
New found love baby the right love

There was no need to pretend
Like i’d feel you again, like
Why’d you promise me that you would stay?
I’d rather know the truth than feel okay

Remember back when it was you and me
Showed you things that you ain’t never seen
Gave you feelings you ain’t ever feel
Deny it shawty but we know it’s real

So don't go talkin' like i never

Cared for you

Deny it baby but i know it's real, real, real, oh oh oh
Deny it baby but i know it's real, it's real

I don’t know why we could never show
The things we felt inside, things we were quick to hide, because
Now i’m gone and you’re just there alone
With nothing left but pride, i left with no goodbye

Don’t you know they’ll never come as close
I gave it all to you, you gave up way too soon
You spend your nights alone lookin' for love that's gone
You’ll never feel complete 'cause i had all you need

You showed me love, when i wasn't enough, no
There was no rush, but you were the one, though
We coulda, we coulda done so...
We coulda...

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