The Revelations of X vol. 1 Lyrics

Xander Lyrics

Halloween time it's getting spooky
I’d love to support local artist, but that ain't my duty
Ambitiously hungry so on the boom box where i leave my dookie. cause some sh*t i just can't hold on to me
I been on a one man mission. and i’m kissing goodbye to all sneak dissing
But x subliminals can stay hidden
Look at rap as imminently can be destroyed by hi-hats and beats. but still see the gem in it
I can see the artistry and lyricist around the premises
I been on a whole different regimen. i been on a different pen again. unlike y'all other goofy's, i'm a good samaritan to these instrumentals
If you wanna get the stepping then shoo your lyrics hurt my mental. but if i'm angry i could flow very hard or bring it down and take it very gentle
Or ad-lib the f**k it up and do the keke out the benzo. yuh diggg. man this sh*t too easy, no harm no foul
I'll rip the studio mic up, hit a spot for general tao
Can you just imagine when i preform around a sold out crowd. nah nah
Boy if i smoke L.A. LA. me and yega boyz generate dolla dolla
Cause my waves flow different. shoutout to kendrick, cole and drake. man i been awake for days
I, gotta couple things on my mind
Shy, demeanour stopped me from letting it fly
Why, do i idolize a collection of i's
Because xander's personality is one crazy tribe. woah
Y’all idolize IG feeds & TV, x idolize cla**ic CD’s & trees
I knew the feeling, x used to idolize addict, but he knew it couldn't be his ceiling
Sh*t i been battling demon, ouu that smell of studio booth got me fiending
Past three 365’s, i been thinking why is this life worth keeping
And when the stylo touches paper, Alex filled with a lil reason
And the money in my blood, so the rbc definitely gonna make me anemic
And i'm done all the reminiscing. never flipped the switch
Changed the energy, or had your words twisted
And you gotta know that alex was never on no a** kissing. ou, temperature checks around me better act different
Can't be caught slipping
Cause really i wasn't never on that goofy sh*t, usually i was on that sitting by myself and do me sh*t
Probably you never ever ever ever ever knew me kid, me sitting on my ones doesn’t mean i'm jealous of the crew you with
And i'm all in, dealer take my chips. xander makes the lettuce, breaks his punches down like bacon bits
Who's a contestant? i guess i'll contest them
They caesar salad has no lettuce, all dressin. and honestly
My energy is really timid
I really think my brain can break the laws of physics
Had a couple boys messing with the vision, same dudes have less goals then amount of times they hit value village
Damn y'all really some degenerates, hit me when you looking for drama and answers
Uni bound if i wanted to, can't wait till i leave y'all in june cause really y'all some cancers
Cocaine white nikes, air forcing with the best of em
And if i ain't f**k with you, i ain't f**king with the rest of em
Like you better keep it silent, i'm unstoppable like kobe bryant in a.. *kiss teeth*
Y'all heard that already, i had to warn ya
I like to slide on these beats like i slide in my women, slow and steady
Lyrically swinging a machete while balancing the world in my hands, my palms are sweaty. now let's get locked and ready
I been locked and loaded for a minute, it's be 4-5 years b*t*h i ain't close to finished
I been doing this for way too long, i done the thought i had the “one” for bout 15 songs
What you know bout that? but for real what you know bout rap? like what you know bout us?
I could adlib tf it up, and do the double dutch on top a semi truck and you would still call a bluff
Boy you ain't knowledgeable of this stuff
What you know bout anything rap related that's not nas, big, pac, em, jay or puff?
I'm feeling DJ Khaled cause me and squad really the best
I put this team harder on my back then a mitchell and ness
Oh yes, got other things to address. like lately ionno how to deal with stress
Is it b*t*hes, is it money, is it weed, is it rap, success gets you addicted like it's crack. boy this sh*t is wack
Over saturated rap game, it's really crazy cause even all these hoes act the same
I'm talking n***as too
Cause all y'all really just a bunch of lames. im switching lanes, let's talk the tape
2019 it's getting spooky. dapper dan xander, ye i guess i been gucci. mixing different sh*t, scientist david suzuki. if i'm mixing these different life styles, pray that you never lose me. x

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