The Pump Didn’t Kill Him, He Drowned in the Fountain Lyrics

$ilkMoney Lyrics

Come on
Uh, you n***as taking up plates
Hit him in the face with the ain't no wake before it's wake
In an innate state the hate is heavy as the black gates used to segregate
Professor of measured weight n***a
Split the bread in half like I done severed cake b*t*h a** n***a
Saran wrap it, thumb tack it, tupperware contain it for another day you stupid n***as
Ain't even know means the cat with the black face hamster wheel faggot
Running in circles in a system defined as rat race
Man, hold up, ayy
They wanted a real player but they just ain't have the cab space
I could get you whacked at your pad for the flat rate
Delete the scene with Mr. Clean, Spongebob, and a bag of back space
Can you dig it?
Ay, hold up, can you dig it?
You b*t*h a** n***as
They shot Cyrus, but not J. Reed, got violent for Radio Raheem
Then burned the pizza spot so now n***as can't eat
All that's left is the scent of defeat
F**k, hold up
Return the slab dog with paws submerged in concrete
N***a, this sh*t beyond me cus I ain't eat in weeks like my name was Mahatma Gandhi
F**k a peaceful protest, me and my piece in the front seat
Eyes on the line like a road test, I ain't been home yet
Captain where we goin'? I was told west
I gotta finish this side quest, but, I digress
Monetizing and prophetizing off my stress
Even beyond my death
This 5G got me seeing wild things
Crazy sh*t n***a this 5G got me
Ayo this 5G got me seeing wild things
This green but I'm still behind seas, pressed the b***on three times like a dialed three
Spray from the balcony and left the whole crowd pleased
Until the pump hit my back, the credits rolled then I died
And I resigned into what was mine until my motherf**king eyes bleed
Sh*t, how the f**k he got me?
I wasn't watching my back and he scaled the side of the building and f**king popped me

What's the difference between a black man and a n***a?
Who the f**k do you think you're talking to?
Hi, thanks for coming in

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