The Power Pack Lyrics

XV Lyrics

Waking up from an hour nap
Breaking up so we can blaze up a power pack
Take the smoke to the dome like it's a shower cap
I'll smoke an ounce of that, in like an hour flat
But we all up in the hotel, put the towels under door so it don't smell
And call a biddie that can roll well but tell her no cells
Cause we like them girls that blow and don't tell
Yeah, handshakes and L7 lingo
Sippin' on vino with my amigos in the casino
In the caveman liking
Me and Deuce reviewing our favorites from Pacino
Eatin' filet mignon, drinking on Dom, from the neck we'll be gone
In less than sixty secs unless this pack sets me back up on my a** now
With Lifetime movies in the background like

Just as high as I can f**king go
Reaching places, seeing faces we ain't seem to know
You ain't know we killin' every f**king show
We turn that spot that we killed into a place it wouldn't seem before
Yeah, just a team from that little state
Kansas, on our back like a Dilla plate
Young n***a, tryna see real estates
Move the game to the city, that's a real estate
We put the time in, yeah we been up late
The room loud, who can end the b*t*hes straight
Still making summer heat, Kathy Bates
The throne or the crown, one I plan to take
From a great, pardon me asking
Trust me, there's a reason for this madness
They got me pinning down my pa**ion
My team going further than we all could imagine
We laughing...

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