The One EYED men IN The Kingdom Of The Blind Chapter 1 Prod/ft 3 7 13 Lyrics

÷?X????X?÷ (÷?X3713X?÷) Lyrics

Sample: "Charlie Im not, I can't express how much I miss you. and it hurts my soul and you just ignore me and don-"

Im jaded like hella faded
And im barred out home
And im home alone
And i can barely see the light
Thats coming from my phone
And its nice to be a king
Without a queen or throne
And cus its beter to be alone
Since that sh*t will stop your growth

Im liberated after being isolated
But things are still complicated
I think I need to be heavily medicated
Lately‚ My minds been
Just the strangest
Live the same days
Only my health and age changes
Not much more
That needs explaining

Stop reminding me
That life can be complicated
Afterall my happiness was confiscated
Look at the situation
What have I created
I wish my feelings could be translated
Your love grew to lust
And I became to intoxicated
And now im the one to be blaming
I ain't the one to be sl*t-shaming
So i'll leave it at this
You a f**king b*t*h
Go suck someone else's d**k
You won't find me waiting
I'll be on a train
Heading to a different station
Eventually‚ make it out this nation
Cus there's nothing great about Great Britain
Or a state prison
We're Just a bunch of meat creatures
On a gutter in space
You made me throw up
UV lit up garbage
So give me space

The struggle is my motivation
Hard work and dedication is the culmination
There ain't no harvest without cultivation
I done turn my recreation into procreation
Dealing with these problems that we co-created
I was driving and didn't know I was designated
Fight depression man
My bodies filled with hella hatred
Find love withinside the places that have no location
Accomplish my goals
Achieving all my dreams
The struggle from success
You gotta see it to believe
Guess that I'm just me
Another human blieng
On this planet full of people that are unseeing
Ima one-eyed man in the kingdom of the blind
Where seeing is believing and thinkings a waste of time
You are not your body‚ you don't see things with your eyes
Its all images and signals created within your mind

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