The Last Shall Be First [Shout-Outs] Lyrics

60 Second Assassin Lyrics

Hell Razah a/k/a Israel the Arch Angel: Chapter 1
My first thought of thanks goes to The Most High for the breath of life. I dedicate everything to my mother who was watching over me the whole time. My pops who planted the seed so I can do this. Suger & Bezo, Sherry, Curtis, Trebag. My Brothas & sistas who was in my corner before this rap game. Marlon , Ian , Raheem , Big Bo keep ya mind right son "It's on when you come home" 1L my n***as. My first born Son of Man Chron Jr. & my wifey Shaneen who seen my struggle from day 1. Much love go to Supreme for everything you did for me. My brotha Tray for showin' me how to activate my talent in hip-hop. All real true deep, lyrical, original M.C.'s that came out since 1980's "Shabazz tha Disciple for bringing me closer to this rap game." Freestyle, Black Rose Family, Shabar, Mabar, Allah Sun. Jahshem tha Pedro, Kev Cavalier , Rza & tha whole Wu-Tang Family tree for makin' it possible. Tha Royal Family Timbukto, Mighty Jared, Dark Ages , Ill Base Prod. tha beggas Father Lord, Buddah, Scientific, Long Axe, Short Axe, Magic Sword, Dragonfly, the illest M.C.'s in D.C., tha whole coins collectio, Makeeba Mooncycle, Popa Wu for buildin' wit me, Judge, Sha, United Kingdom rules 4Ever. 4th Disciple, True Master, Universal, Shateek & Divine . Most Definitely Earth, Wind & Fire. Verdeen, Philip Baley, Get mad love 4ever. All Old-school, funk, jazz & soul music who paved the way. Tony Touch, Ray Rollz, Lazy K, Doo Wop, all mix tape D.J.'s, Kid Capri, Funkmaster Flex,all radio D.J.'s in every state. The Fugees, Gravediggaz, Razor Sharp staff, Red Ant, BMI, my street staff, Threat Records "AlexiS Carrington."Tyreif & L.A. tha Darkman, Bad-stuy peoples, Greyboy, Master Foo, Thirstin Howl III, I Am From France, Stress Magazine, Brooklyn Zoo, Halsey St. Lewis Ave, 12 O'Clock, Shyheim, tha whole Red Hook, Science Projects, 15 Bush St., 11. Bush St. Todd, Terrance, Prince, Ray, Dave, Killa, Gus, Los, Bop, Step, Busta, all y' all n***as out there. Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Uptown, 141st Lenox Ave., Shaolin Long Island, United States to Overseas, Glock, Leaf, Tha Nation of God's and Earth's, U.P.K., 125th Madison Nation of Islam, Dreddy Krueger, Big Mo, "Alize & Henny," Kasheem, Slide Time Krew, Virginia, Cali, Atlanta, Phili, Lost Children of Babylon, 12 Jewels, NMZ, DJ R Son, John Jay High School Heads & Westinghouse, P.S. 15, J.H.S. 142 Heads, and Randy Philips and Al Teller, who made all this sh*t to come to life in 1997-1998, Bert Padell, Reg-Reg who was my mentor. Macabee family forever, all y'all disbelievers f**k y' all, I did it anyway. Anybody forgotten on this sh*t, don't mean I forgot you. * Rest In Peace - goes to my mother, Big Glen from Red Hook, my niece Camille & Father Lord from D.C. No Love Without Hate - Hell Razah

Prodigal Sunn:
Peace and Love and all praises do to myself, my son Ramel Jamal Allah, my brother Bacari R.I.P., my mother and father , my 2 A-alike Judger Ja-Meek and Shinobiglock a/k/a/ Haasun Allah , Arlene Martinez, Rafaela, Kendria, Tyisha, Moette, Snugs, Nesia, Ja-Asia, Na-Asia, Imperial Gran Emperor, UNITED KINGDOM, Yo sh*t is on KID!!! Sunz of Man, Beggar Clan Popa Wu, Brooklyn Zu, C.O.I.N.S., Oli North, and Big Ty , Dreddy Kruger, Makeba Mooncycle--thanks for the love and support. The royal family crazy fat shout out to Brooklyn, my block N.A. Rock and Marcy, F.A. Rock, Park Pl., Bedford Ave., Putnam Ave., Pool Room on Prospect, Mike and the St. John's clic, Mike Mike D-Micah, Devil Destroya, Smoke, K.C., Ty-Hill, J-Black, T-Bone, Sun God Allah, Master Wu, Life Exist, Tray-C, Charlie Nazareema, Shakil, Hash, R.I.P. Terrance and Chucky, Spanky Splash a/k/a Divine Allah, Armel Allah, Debbie, the God Shaliek Tashaun Allah and family, Black Supreme, J Quan, Tawana, Kia, Might Jarred a/k/a Eternal, Dark Jesture a/k/a Divine Justice , Biological Foundation Allah, King Ty-mel Allah a/k/a Timbuktu, C-Knowledge, and Cat "Yo son stay solid you be homie in a minute," Roshelle, Kiesha, Yolanda, Full-moon and family, Izzum, Bigga, Prince, Liz and her sister from across the street, Little Mike, all the B-Ballin cat's in three's park, Rascal, Crazy Dirty, Power from F.A. and Putnam, C-God, Door Die, Bedstuy, Marcy Projects, Fort Green, Albany, Breevort, Gowana's, Farragat, Roselvelt, Pink Houses, King's Borough, Cypress Hill, Red Hook, Big Pump and Ja, Shabazz, Lil Ty, Geep, Malik, Brownville's, my cousin D-Rock, R.I.P. Courtis, Population clic, Big Les out of Atlanta, Shabar, Allah Sun, Na-Bar, Black Star, Black Man, R-son, Eye from the Barber Shop, Allah Real, Allah Life, Boot Cap clic, The Representatives, Supreme and Lil Rock, Heltah Skeltah, O.G.C. Bee-Dee Eye Bandit, Coco Brovas, my n***a Uptown, Universal 7, Bakim and Shadu, 7th Sign Jeshem, to all my Heads Lock-down , Big Tremain, Mighty Mike Green, Big Bo from Red Hook, my enlightener out Tompkin PJ's B-Born Allah Hashim, Master Fu, Black Messiah, The Spit Squad, Thirston Howell the 3rd, Brownvillian, M.O.P., East New York, 7th Emba**ador, Square Truth, Kwan, Ra, Equality, Tia-chi, Malik, Culture Mutee Gashawn, Wu-Tang Clan, U-God, Meth, Masta Killah, Inspectah Deck, Osirus, Raekwon, My Ace Tony Stalk, fat shout out to Cappadonna, the who Staten Island Hezi-Do-Lil, Understanding, Wu-Nail-Sophia, Wu-Wear, Killa Army, Kla**, Longer Low, Buc-Wild, Blue Jarelle, Ali Ja-mel Zone, Shane a/k/a True God, and anybody else I forgot. Peace to the nation of God's and earth's, the whole Planet earth. F**k it - the whole universe. Love, Peace and tell all your n***as to pick up the album. PEACE

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