The L7 Motto Lyrics

XV Lyrics

Love, life, loyalty and living long like legends
That's that L7, Ugh!
That's all that we be reppin' Ugh!

Look, this is my drank, this is my cup
Put them together and fill that b*t*h up
My name is Vizzy and Sez is my brah
It's 1 A.M. and now we are both drunk
I say I'm young so I do what I want
And throw up my city there goes my lunch
Spit like a dragon now watch what I puff
Give me a mushroom now watch me 1UP, Ugh
The number 5 jays on my feet
But they ain't on the ground cause I been blazed for a week
On the mirrors edge, flight plan, no sleep
Man I be home less than a man on the street
Playing for my keep and a taste of Princess Peach
On a Remote Island beach, keeping Koopa out of reach
That mean I'm staying away from shells on the creep
F**k your circle L7 team

You know what I'm reppin'
That's that L7
Love, life, loyalty and living long like legends
And we 'bout it everyday, everyday, everyday
Like the PS3 n***a, we don't really play
Everyday, everyday, f**k what anybody say
Lovin' life, and we live it everyday
L7 what up

Oou, Shorty love me like a heart sign
I'm putting in work, you only part time
You ain't got the right card go fish
Sez you got these n***as p*ssed, no sh*t
You ain't on my level b*t*h
You don't even know a snowman that's as cold as this
Can't nobody stop me no matter who you go and get
White gold black diamonds no prejudice
No beam pausing hard as a muthaf**ker
In the underworld fighting all the bloodsuckers
Dark Knight chain on, Master Chief Halo
Catch me on a red eye flight Kano
Always next to green like Kato and they know
I'm Human Torch Flame on, flow is so fuego
In the air I say "Hi Haters" Maino
Got ladies in a spell but I'm no Draco
X said get'em, Freddy said get'em
Shorty wanna cut, no incision
She don't wanna play I don't hesitate to ditch'em
Like forth and twenty-one we b*t*h we kick it what up!

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