The Interview (The Playhouse Introduction) Lyrics

XVXX el Artiste Lyrics

I think i am definitely in another place
I think that we definitely went our separate ways
And I love her and i want her to be awesome
But umm... there's things that remind me of her..

And then it just got to the point that i was looking in the mirror
I was so unhappy
I was so lonely
I was so alone so i was like...
I can't trust anybody...
You know it sucks when you see someone you love with someone else..
But i just want her to happy honestly
I just want her to be... Happy

You know.. shes someone i love dearly dude and
I'm never going stop loving her
I'm never going to stop check on her.. umm...

I dont think relationships.. if your in a relationship
You should end that
Unless it was super toxic and you guys were hurting each-other
Physically or mentally
But um.. we always respected each-other and still respect each-other..

I can't trust anybody

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