The First Tears Lyrics

?riks Ešenvalds Lyrics

It was Raven who created the world. One day, Raven was out on the water in his kayak, when he saw what he thought was an island. He rowed up to it and tried to land his kayak, but a huge mouth opened up and swallowed him. It wasn't an island at all, but an enormous whale! As he went down the whale’s throat, Raven thought that he would surely die, but instead he saw the Whale's ribs rise up around him like huge ivory columns. In the distance he could see a mysterious light, and could hear a faint sound as if someone was banging on a drum

Raven followed the light and went further inside the Whale, where he came to a strange little house. He peered in through the window, then knocked on the door and went inside. He came into a small room, and there in the corner sat the most beautiful young girl he had ever seen

‘Won't you marry me? And come out into the World with me?’

‘I do not belong in the world just as you do not belong inside the Whale, but you can stay here and keep me company for
A while if you like. However I must warn you never to touch my drum or my lamp.'

She then stood up and started to dance. When she danced quickly, the Whale soared through the ocean, and when she danced slowly the Whale rested gently near the surface of the water. The girl then stopped dancing and walked straight out of the door

‘Where are you going?'

'It's not important, Just a matter of breath and life, life and breath……'

‘Who are you? And why do you live inside a Whale?'

‘I am the Whale's Soul and my drum is the Whale’s heart. My lamp must never go out, or I will die, and there will be nobody to beat my drum. I sing and dance all day and all night and never grow tired.’

But when the girl next left the room, Raven did something truly dreadful, he ignored what the girl had said to him. He touched the lamp. Raven burnt himself on the lamp, and dropped it on the floor. It hit the floor, the flame went out. The girl fell in through the door and dropped down dead; the house collapsed and became a pile of dead whale bones. Suddenly Raven was all alone in complete darkness, inside a mess of blood, fat and blubber. Raven clambered back up the Whale's throat, up through its blow-hole, up onto the top of its dead body. Raven flew higher and higher, far from the sea, he flew to the Earth, and there he wept the first tears the world had ever known

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