The Fall of a Man Lyrics

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You know your life is grand, when you pull up with hoes on demand

And they stay in the kitchen, ask for money but your ends is sufficient

And your son is a sports star, sixteenth birthday got him a brand new sports car

Only you can tell you who you are, drive around town ego of a know-it-all

But you gave your wife the backhand, now the U.S. Justice System knows who you am

But I don't know man... does that single action define who you are as a man?

Everybody has a slip-up, look at your journey you probably got a hiccup

I hope he got a plan, the road to recovery can be viewed on cam

And I pray that he make it, good opportunities I know that he'll take it

That weed I hope he don't bake it, cold turkey always workeys when the Feds are on the lurkey

And I know he really could, everybody knew he would make it out the hood

But they trynna hold him down, won't stop 'til he twelve feet underground

He still got dreams, but this situation is harder than it seems

He used to mean, lean and f**king keen. But know he just f**king sitting there rubbing out the dreams

That's always how it goes, ex-wife got half his things everybody knows

But nobody care, mope his a** down the street everybody stare

And yes he is aware, you've now broke this man like a two-legged chair

And lost all his shares, in that company he started with his own money
And the honeys is funny, turn him down whenever he asks for some loving

Boy I can't stand, seeing this motherf**ker fall as a man

One day I might stand in the very same position as the motherf**ker man

Well let's hope I got a plan... or maybe don't get involved with the hoes

Let's hope I don't blow up so I never got no shows

Or let's hope I never win the game, so I don't get corrupted by the taste of fame

Or maybe it's just G-d's plan, to create my catastrophic fall as a man

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