The Emerald Tablets of Thoth Lyrics


World I feel your pain
Our universal ways slain
I step forth from Thoth
Knowing I am the change 
Needed on this earth
But this earth doesn’t want me
They ain’t ready for my words And it haunts me
To feel daunting this energy I bear 
It’s not fair when you know few share
The burdens we possess living life as a test 
This ongoing war for what lies beyond flesh
A Never ending pull no origin to start with
Im in the darkness and forced to be heartless
I turn sharpness paint you with starkness
Kindness for weakness ill kill you with harshness
We move lawless strive to be flawless
Taking on battles only given to the cautious
I move the thoughtless, temporary nonsense
Show you the ways and the words living lossless

Hold me while I’m here
You know I don’t belong here
Feel like I was sent to only drop a song here
Sent to a storm give me troops thats the swarm
The energy we form will outlast they’ll will warn
The marking of the bee reflects a deadly legacy
Atlantean Khan proved a timeless prophecy
Here then im gone, didn’t plan to stay long
Antemeridian I pa** through at dawn
Mourn that I’m gone but you didn’t
Have my fondness, f**k your solace
Ill haunt you for your darkness
You feel catharsis
Dealing with my hardships
Chosen for this world
Have no choice to keep my promise

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