The Bronx Connection Lyrics



We stay connected
Bronx to Arizona well protected
Our names ring bells, throughout this country were respected
By the highest authorities, that walk upon this land
Devising plans to lace up the Triborough as the sand
In the hour gla** elapses
Avoiding taxes
This Mac-10 collapses on the ma**es
And all those who wish to take whats only ours
Your getting twisted like the world on its axis
Blasting cats up out of tinted cars
Avoiding cells & bars to reign supreme
A tightly knit regime
Taking over any team
For the cream
Were holding things down from all directions
Its adding on to Bronx Connections

Masta Lenn

From where papi play dominoes in front of the bodega
Greet the homies have small talk ill see you later
New York gritty n***as dont try to make it major
Mami im from the Bronx can't you tell that i got flavor
Play the block for several days & several nights
Plug Dominicano yeah of course he got the better price
Thats what i told the homie, my man
Trips to Arizona on the move but we low key
Whole key 38 sold it for 44
Fiends say they love the raw
Always coming back for more
Watch out for the police God
Always gotta be alarmed
Masta Lenn the Bronx connect how you think we eating dogs
Took a loss never again am i coming up short
Knowing im mentally street to the boss
Stuck in this life only come with a cost

"Ayo lets take it to the Bronx"
"We be the kings of the boogie down"
"Im from the Bronx, wipe your feet when you step in my house"
"South Bronx New York thats where i dwell" -
"Never forget the Bronx, because the Bronx the foundation"
"Then ill stomp your corpse
Its the Bronx of course, recognize the accent"
"That rocks rap from the part of boogie down Bronx"
"The Bronx keeps creating it, you know how that goes"
MC Gels

Ayo its gels
I hold things down up in Webster
On the 168th side ain't no one do it better
Im known to cross the land & drop jewels like its summer jam
Play your cards right but never show n***as your hand
Cause sh*t gets drastic
We flip n***as like acrobats
When the beast stops godamn i had an asthma attack
But now im here representing with
And when we unite motherf**kers best to know me
Maybe not now
Maybe next year
Even a decade
Been dreaming bout this sh*t ever since the f**king 10th grade
But ima parlay & chill
While still keeping it real
Ayo Hahyeem tell these MC's how you really feel


My uncle locked up
That sh*t got me near insanity
Been feeling myself with this rapping, fill me with vanity
Dodging my enemies
At this point they want him dead
Six in the head
They can't catch em
Im out to get mine, so tell those n***as make my bed
This Bronx connection
Dont sleep on the family, little maria
Your father told me hold it down, be your provider
Baby jason, make sure you grow up different, jason
Your father hated em
Theres a time when he tried to take his own life
Sh*t ain't nice, sometimes i cry with no tears
How we get here
You taught me how to write, remember those years
Now you serving time, a long time bid
I make sure to tell your kids to send you a kite
Bronx connection you know that it right
We keep it tight One

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