The Brink Lyrics

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The Brink

Standing on this precipice looking out into the unknown.
It's been days, it's been weeks, it's been months, it's been years, it's been new lyrics to the same song.
Move on the heavens urge while hell's calling me back home, blowing up my phone, I hear the flames through the tone.
The devil speaks to me through voices of the ones I think I know.
Settle for the safe and easy, my friend, take the common road; sell your soul for the low
Winds blow and on the breeze I can taste the warmth of the rays,
Can hear the clouds clambering overhead while they fornicate to conceive rain,
In this moment I pray, for nothing stay the same.
No disrespect to Drake, but see I'm really from the bottom
From the streets where as kids we never knew the importance of cops and robbers, cuz are noggins were filled with bullsh*t from the tv screens that taught is that them Popos were the righteous, and the robbers were the problem.
But now looking down through the eyes of a thief, i see that the police find joy in robbing me
Of my time, of my dreams, of my wishes over swishers filled with crumbs of a plant that The Lord has given me!
Just let me smoke in peace and leave the rest in the hands of GOD
But man is so corrupted they've succ*mb to the beast.
Standing on the brink, the thoughts my brain thinks.
To live or die is not the question, it's the answer that you seek.

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