The Biggest Dookie Lyrics

30 Deep Grimeyy Lyrics

Bwoh, bwoh, bwoh
Y'all know what the f**k goin' on, what the f**k goin' on
B*t*h I'm, n***a
B*t*h I'm,
Haha, I'm back on this b*t*h, I'm back on my bullsh*t
B*t*h, I might be
B*t*h, I might be
B*t*h, I might be
B*t*h, I might be

B*t*h, I'm Grimeyy, extra slimey, for the goofies yellin' "Dookie"
ATL been on my d**k, but they just freed my cousin Fookie
I went to jail, they beat my a**, I got back up and did my duty
I'm with Peso, I'm with Ali, we in Cali smokin' goofies
I lost partna's to that and I lost partna's to them drugs
I got blood that act like water and I got water that act like blood
I got partna's hella young, and they can't get inside the club
I got partna's from the roads and I got partna's from the dub
You put that b*t*h over the gang, but now she suckin' my d**k
You know them crackas came and got me, so I grew me some wicks
I'm really rappin' how I live, your favourite rapper a b*t*h
He gave 'em up and got back out, yo' favourite trapper a snitch
Messy hoes don't get replies, all my b*t*hes be private
F**k these hoes, can't trust these hoes, I cracked that b*t*h at the Hyatt
I ain't been f**kin' with them Percs, Grimeyy been on a diet
Can't even answer jail calls, Grimeyy been movin' silent
Hand Pistol Pete the 10's, just to see if they real
30 Deep the gang, that's what I bang, b*t*h I'm straight out the 'Ville
Gun case at 17, they gave me "Carried Conceal"
We had a buck-out with that boy, he used his b*t*h as a shield
I can't bring my friends around no rappers, they be robbin' n***as
Free my cousin' Lando out the feds, they say he popped a n***a
Prayin' I get whacked or go to jail, but they can't stop a n***a
Popped you in yo' leg, you ain't hit back, we had you hoppin', n***a
I watched my brother run it up, just to trick off on b*t*hes
I had a threesome Halloween, I was f**kin' on twitchers
Big Grimeyy swimmin' with the sharks, 'cause I done burnt all my bridges
I got a plug from the 'Raq, he on the road with them switches

I say, y'all n***as better know how my, how lil' cuz' is comin', n***a
Straight Real Deal Ville, n***a
Straight day-one, n***a
From the Ville, n***a, on my momma, and he gon' bust yo' a**, n***a
And he got a gang of killas wit' him n***a, on my momma, man
Y'all n***as better quit playin' with lil' 'cuz
All steppas, n***a, behind this n***a, man
Quit playin' wit' us, bruh
That Boy 200, n***a, on the set

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