The Best Hasn’t Started Yet Lyrics

?boygenius Lyrics

Sad, you fags wish you had the styles i have
Mad, too bad dismiss you has-beens quick all i do is laugh
Piles of rhymes that's worthwhile, the untimely ripped child
Can't C me because you're not in my section
Stay out of my way lost strays no time for bullsh*t
Hell, i'm going to milk it until it's bone dry
Last drop, blast spots on impact
Meaning once my hand hits the doorknob you poor slobs will stack up
Pretty quick, pretty sick, pretty slick, wit
Prettier than rick so when i come through the wise choice is to dip
Because i don't really dont have the patience to wait and
See what you have to offer, mind filled with thoughts of slaughter
So i step in, correct the tone and straight up wreck sets
Crews are begging for their lives and then i reflect
On the times that they tried to disrespect, they get left
Is it over? you wish, hell the best hasn't even started yet

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