Tew Wet Lyrics

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Yeah man I need a umbrella or sumn
A towel
A God damned...Sumn
Like sh*t!
This sh*t's...idk even know bruh
Let's get it

Boy my sauce Tew Wet

F**k 12!
I guess a n***a needa get a bulletproof vest!
Afrika on my chest!
Nothing on my neck!
But I want the baddest girls twerkin' to my f**kin sh*t!
Up in Magic City getting rid of college debt
1k is the best
1k got up next !
You is not a threat !
You ain't eeen gotta flex
All this Polo I got on yeah I thrifted it
Retro Jordans on
Yeah boy I rock the best
F**k Hilary!
F**k Donald!
Ion give a f**k!
All this Henny got me slurrin like I'm Daffy Duck!
I'm just a young n***a tryna get a few bucks!
'Cause amerikkka don't show n***as no love!


Sauce wetter than a sweaty whale.
Will I live to see 40?
Only time will tell
Munchies got my stomach hungry like a Grizzley bear
Smokin' Cali strong
Yeah n***a I'm high as hell
My sauce drippin' cross the floor
It ain't even fair!
Your sauce dryer than a muf**kin prickley pear
So cold I need a sponsor by fridgedaire
Can't copy my steez n***a it's really rare!
I got the sauce that can fill up the pool
Rebel lifestyle breakin' all the muf**kin rules
Life short
Money long so guess what imma f**kin do?
I'ma keep gettin' wompa fruit like Crash Bandicoot


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