Terror To Your Ear Lyrics

7L & Esoteric Lyrics

You need an intro? . So Esoteric. My mello my man. Get on the mic and do the best you can

A brief description of the Esoteric rap addiction
Always on a mission to crush the compet**ion
Listen, I got crab rappers running scared
I always come prepared while their major's undeclared
And don't know what to study
Acting buddy buddy with the 'dactyl
But I break 'em down like a fractal
If they want to battle, we'll have to make a date
I'll rip 'em like a paper plate, call your label mate
Escape will leave you , my tape was the bait
A crazy wack demo that I made in '88
Now if I can recall, that was the same time
That you were in your dad's whip throwing gang signs
And now you wanna rhyme
And now you on some real sh*t
I remember when your Walkman was for your field trip
It's ludicrous
Attacks from crabs are numerous
Your rap tones are like arm bones they humorous
I'll make you look bad like hooded flannels
Foots in sandals
And Jeeps with wooden panels
Washed up bums who really just shouldn't gamble
And elderly cats that you just couldn't handle
My name is Esoteric

"Rock the spot" - Redman & Method Man Funkmaster Flex Freestyle
"No doubt"
"Terror to your ear" - Redman & Method Man Funkmaster Flex Freestyle
"Word up"

From my way to NJ I'm like your sensei, comprende?
I hold thugs in gold gloves like Le Mente
When Sea' decides to let his mental pen spray
It's more than just my friends that say "it's excellente"
You're the type of lame that gets mad at pick up games
Or when you write a rap you write about the stick up game
Your clique's insane
Oh yes I know that sh*t already
Because they tried to diss me and made my crew look petty
They better be jetty
Time to pack your suitcases
I'll break your neck in two places using shoelaces
You screw faces better take two paces
Turn around and watch you burn your sounds to the ground
Profound when I'm speaking
7L's freaking
Hitting tables like a stage diving New Yorkican
When I was in the studio recording rough raps
You was the rednecks buying mudflaps
Yosemite Sam type to match your hubcaps
You're nothing but a new jack, I'm poison like sumac
Even at work
The way you rap j*rk
You ought to rock a half shirt and a gra** shirt
There was one time
When you stepped to the front line
And had the last laugh cause I killed you with a punch line
Your idea of phat is my idea of wack
That's why we shouldn't hang and we shouldn't interact
My name is Esoteric

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