Tell Her Hi Lyrics

2AM Club Lyrics

She wants me to
Get off the train tell her hi how I’ve been why
I don’t call her anymore when Ive been by
Her part town yeah her part of the night sky
Partly because I don’t wanna f**k up my high
Even though id like to have kids with her
Have a son and make him a kid sister
When the rain pours down and the lights flicker
And I throw away a possible life with her
Cuz I’m in chi-town for another tour
In a hotel room with another w****,
Or I don’t really wanna say it but I’ve always been a weak soul
When a cheap touch come around looking like love maybe so
I been chasing what I’ve seen in the videos
When your chest might break from the b***erflies
Circling your stomach hurting on the inside
But her stomach is just a bellyb***on ring
And her brain is college boys and studying
And I’m in for one night and then gone
Troubled teens pa** the pen for my theme song
And some nights I get my California dream on
Knowing you're trying your best not to move on
But I will understand when the dreams gone
And some boy puts his heart where I went wrong
And ill stand in the rain in Cleveland
Hoping I can wash away these demons
Hoping you’ll talk to me when I plead
And I scream in the phone hoping that you’re gonna leave him

Isn’t it pretty to think so
Maybe we could have been perfect

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