Tekken (KANGA Demo) Lyrics

6ix9ine Lyrics


She want me, I ain't want her, ooh
She want me to be her boo
She so silly, don't get it confused
Now turn around, drop it low, bust it up, ooh
Big bank, we gettin' paid over here
Broke n***as, go stand over there
Broke a** hoes, go meet 'em over there
These little booties, they matter over here
Now stop

Wait a minute, now I'm back at it
Back at it like a mothaf**kin' crack addict
Sex addict, I'm a mothaf**kin' sex addict
Hit shorty from the back, got her back crackin'
Back crackin', back crackin'
I love ho b*t*hes, that's my f**kin' problem
Yeah, I like to f**k hoes, I got a f**kin' problem
Bang, bang, bang and a chicken wing, b*t*h
Yeah, I know you love how I put it down, b*t*h

That pu**y get wetter than yours
That head is better than yours
...couldn't do it on tour
...They still need that more
They tried to say I wasn't black no more
About as black as Macklemore
Wanna bust it in the back no more
On the bus, got it in that no more
Uh, just bought a piece of Fashion Nova

N***as tried to say that I was canceled
Damn, popped more... couldn't answer
When I asked them questions, couldn't answer
...What do he know?
Who the f**k gon' listen to Ebro
Acting... when he emo, emo
Why these n***as so emo?
...f**ked up on a dealer
...when you loan her
Tell them boys you playin' with the owner
I ain't gotta flaunt, gotta phone ya
...Now hold up

Hunnid bands, hunnid bands, hunnid bands
Watch me run it up, do the runnin' man
Lil' mama suckin' d**k for the payday

She want me, I don't want her, ooh
She so silly, don't get it confused
These little booties, they matter over here
Now stop

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