Teenage Wasteland

Ezra Furman & The Harpoons

Teenage Wasteland By Ezra Furman & The Harpoons

No, we’re gonna do a bunch of new stuff tonight. And, uh… But I’m gonna have to warn you, most of it’s in German. So, I hope you’ve all attended your German classes in high school, because you’re required to take, I think, it’s at least two languages, aren’t you?
In high school?
Yes, two languages, and typing. That’s all you need. And you get a high school diploma
Is woodshop a language?
No, woodshop falls under typing
Oh, okay. This next song is called “99 Luftballons”
Ah 1, 2, a 1, 2, 3…

I first met Millie in art class in high school
With her short brown bob, she was better than Bateman’s best
I never thought I’d ever see a miracle
And who’d have thought it would be in an arcade?

Well she moved like an angel
And she spoke like a memory
And she smoked like a chimney
And she completed Dragon’s Lair on just one quarter
On just one quarter
On just one quarter
On just one quarter

I called her up, but she wasn’t home
I knew she was downstairs, but her dad didn’t like me
I never thought I’d see a miracle
I called her back in 10 minutes and disguised my voice

I spoke like an actor
And I moved like a burglar
Then I lied like a carpet
And I did a phony survey on her whole family
On her whole family
On her whole family
On her whole family

Nobody at school knew what I was trying to do
But right after art class, I made history
‘Cause when you love someone
Yeah, and you don’t even know no one

She moved like an angel
She spoke like a memory
Then she moved to Alberta
I’m gonna visit her at grandma’s
Well, maybe next week
Yeah, maybe next week
Okay, maybe not next week
Maybe never
Maybe it doesn’t matter
Maybe it never did
It didn’t matter at all

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