Teen Titan Lyrics

808 Mafia Lyrics

Teen t**an yeah
I frighten my enemies travel around cities all these theories trying to ruin me
I give them injuries while i get these victories all them dudes is history

Its medallion she calls me a stallion
I took ya girl she italian
Imagine, everything is a distraction man
This game is done i already won you done son
Now go run while i have some fun on this mic
Here's your last strike
Teen t**an
Yeah i frighton all these losers all these rumors
That I can’t rap is a bunch of crap
Do you want to scrap?
Its a rap i knock em out
Right i they mouth
They goin south
I fill em with Doubt man they goin in a drought
Yeah i get this clout
Make em shout darius is the greatest man
Teen t**an out

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